Recycled Candles

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[edit] Who is it For

For anyone who appreciates eco-friendly gifts, or just about anyone. Also makes a good Emergency Gift.

[edit] What to Do

Take your left-over stubs of candles and melt them down. You can then use old mason jars or even baby food jars to pour the wax into to create a new candle.

Use a taper or birthday candle (depending on the size of the container) for a wick. Tie it to a pencil to hold it updright. (You could use a paper clip on a string for this.) Pour the melted wax from the old candles around it into the container.

Another idea would be to use 2 seashells and glue them back to back. Use the larger one as the part where the candle goes and the smaller one as the stand. Many hobby stores will sell rolls of wick for a trivial amount.

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