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The Giftypedia's mission is to be your guide to great gift giving. Our gift experts, through their experience and research, have assembled many topical gift guides ranging from over a thousand holidays to weddings, graduations, international customs and even superstitions. Our goal is to bring you the best gift giving thoughts, etiquette, advice and ideas.

Why the Gifty in the Giftypedia?

While gift is a noun, gifty is an adjective and describes our mission. Gifty means an inspired gift or being good at gift giving. Our site's articles are written to give you that gifty edge.

We are a Wiki

What does that mean? It means that some of the thoughts and ideas on our site come from our readers. This allows our site to draw from an ever-growing source of new and fresh gift giving experiences. Many of the thoughts found on Giftypedia come from our research of what people consider to be good gift advice or ideas. By opening the Giftypedia up, we give you the ability to share your winning ideas. As one of our readers, you're welcome to contribute to existing pages, create new pages, or even add new pages as placeholders for topics you'd like to be covered.

To contribute, simply click on the "Edit" tab toward the top of the page. Our pages are in MediaWiki syntax. Due to issues with spam, you will see there are some pages that are protected, and most others, have a math question that needs to be answered. If you'd like to contribute on a regular basis, please contact us at, so we can set-up an account for you. Having an account, will make it easier to contribute to the site.

We do review all material submitted to the Giftypedia. Many of the reader submissions that we receive are included.