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When Celebrated

Always the third Saturday in October


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About the Holiday

Sweetest Day is a day where you give recognition to someone sweet and/or special. This holiday is said to have originated in Cleveland, OH. It's said that Herbert Birch Kingston, a Cleveland, Ohio philanthropist and candy company employee started Sweetest Day. He wanted to bring happiness to orphans, shut-ins and under-privileged. His intent was to show these people that they were not forgotten. In 1922, he started this holiday by giving candy and small gifts. He often used movie stars to distribute the gifts. Ideally - it's best to continue that trend and giving candy, etc. to those less fortunate.

Did you know?

  • With this holiday always being on a Saturday it is often difficult to book a wedding venue on this day. It should be done well in advance.
  • Hallmark started making Sweetest Day cards in the mid-1960's

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