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Why would you choose to make your own wedding invitations? Today's weddings are so expensive, many couples are searching for ways to have it all, yet stay within their budget. As Traditionally styled invitations can be expensive, making your own invitations can be one of the first ways you can cut your wedding costs.

Not only do traditional invitations cost more, they may lack the personal sentiment you want to convey. Unique do it yourself invitations are distinctive, memorable, and give you the chance to express your personal style without breaking the bank.

If you're considering making your own wedding invitations, below are some tips and ideas to help you in getting started...

Include Your Theme


You may want to consider carrying through the theme of your wedding on your do-it-yourself invitations, whether it's by color or design. Themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, ranging from eco-friendly to Asian, country to tropical; the possibilities are nearly endless. The beach wedding has long been a favorite. Consider adding embellishments, inserts, and matching the envelopes.

If your wedding will be small and intimate, you can deliver your invitations personally, allowing you to be more creative with your design. Making a message in a bottle invitation is a unique way to announce your tropical inspired wedding. Remember that there's something for everyone; it just takes a little imagination. To get started, look through magazines or research the web for ideas. Blogs or chat sites are great places to ask about or receive information from others.

Choose the Right Words


When choosing the wording for this all-important invitation, let your imagination and your emotion run free. Have fun with it! Famous quotes, rhymes, Bible verses, lyrics from your favorite love song, or a poem that has a special meaning are all appropriate. Perhaps you just want your invitation to say what's in your heart.

If you're having a creative block, go to - a wonderful website that can help you find just the right wording for your do-it-yourself invitation. Whether it's classic or casual, sentimental or fun, just make sure all the pertinent information is included, (who, when, where, etc...).

Buy Invitation Supplies


Once your ideas are formulated, start shopping! There are so many retailers where you can find all the materials you need when making your own invitations. You can shop online, visit a scrapbooking store, stationary store, or arts and crafts store. Even the dollar stores will have supplies you can use.

For an eco-friendly or country themed wedding, let nature be your supplier! You could use a cranon leaf-rubbing as part of your invitation design. The point is to stay within your budget and make it work for you.

Start Making Your Invitations


Now you have all your ideas and materials, and you're ready to create your own invitations. This is the fun part. Seeing your idea come to life, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that each invitation is lovingly made, and a reflection of the tone and theme of your wedding.

If you're artistically challenged (most of us are), use your friend and family network to find someone who can help. Card and Stamping parties are popular and can be a way to get quality help and have fun at the same time.

More Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Other areas of wedding planning that are ideal for "do it yourself" include digital photography or wedding favors, including a CD of your favorite music, or creating a delicious favor from chocolate. See Do It Yourself Wedding Favors for a host of additional creative ideas.

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