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[edit] What is a Beach Bum?

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Do you have anyone in your family that likes to “hang ten”? Do they live for the sound of the waves of the ocean crashing against the shore? Then they might be a Beach Bum.

The saddest holiday of the year for a Beach Bum in the states is Labor Day. Why? Because, in the Northern Hemisphere, it's marks the last day of summer. All your friends are going back to school, so it gets harder to find someone to go with you to catch a few waves.

But don't forget about your friends on the south end of the globe. Beach gifting is opposite for them. Christmas in places like Australia, Costa Rica and South Africa are toasty warm, and are frequently spent enjoying a day in the sand and surf.

[edit] Beach Bum Gifts

Metal detector.jpg

Gifts for the beach aficionado are often nautically themed, but there are plenty of great gift ideas for them.

A Seashell Identification Kit can be a great gift for a seashell collector, or someone who is just curious about that shell they picked up. “The Compendium of Seashells” by R. Tucker Abbott and S. Peter Dance is an excellent picture book featuring 4200 types of seashells.

What's a day at the beach without hunting for treasures and trinkets? The Bounty Hunter Fast Tracker Metal Detector makes a great gift. The detector is great for extreme environments and is perfect for a day at the beach. On sale for $99.95 at Metal Detector.

A nice pair of sandals make a nice, practical gift for a day at the beach. Zappos sells a wide variety of beach sandals for men, women and children. From the ever popular Crocs, to the newest Sanuks, Zappos has it all.

If you know a beach bum who doesn't live near a beach, a Seashell Wreath can be a special reminder. The Wreath Depot sells a wreath made of dried beach grasses topped off with seashells for $59.99.

Don't forget the beach chair! Beach chairs sells a variety of chairs for as low as $19.99. The website also features a variety of beach-related items such as the Turismo Day Trip Backpack. The backpack features insulated compartments and pockets to store various items. An insulated pouch for a water bottle is also available. Another unique gift featured on this website is the Sports Radio Pillow. An AM/FM radio is installed inside of an inflatable pillow. It's on sale for $39.98.

So next time the beach enthusiast goes to the beach, make sure you give them one of these gifts that are practical, yet fun at the same time.

Don't forget the sunscreen!

[edit] Seashell Gifts You Can Make

Shell necklace.jpg

If you are a Beach Bum, then you have a mountain of shells, coral, seaweed, sand dollars, driftwood and other flotsom taking up valuable space in your bedroom closet or garage. And since you spend all of your hard-earned cash just getting to the beach, you need gift ideas for all those friends that help to get you there. Most ideas start with only string and glue or a trip to the thrift store.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  1. Seashell Necklaces (Some of those little shells already have holes for stringing)
  2. Seashell Candles
  3. Driftwood Sculpture
  4. Seashell Picture Frame
  5. Seashell Night Light (Works great with a sand dollar)
  6. Seashell Ornaments (A starfish can make a cute Santa)
  7. Seashell Bead Curtain
  8. Seashell Animals (You've seen these in sourvenir stores)
  9. Seashell Mirror
  10. Seashell Trinket or Jewelry Box
  11. Seashell Wind Chimes
  12. Seashell Magnets
  13. Beach in a Bottle (A little bit of everything!)

[edit] You Might Be a Beach Bum If...

Ukelele guy02.jpg
  1. You don't even own any long pants.
  2. All of your sentences include the word "Dude!"
  3. The bartenders at the beach have your drink on the counter before your behind hits the barstool.
  4. You have more Hawaiian shirts than you have underwear.
  5. You own a ukulele and you even know how to play it.
  6. You can play "Margaritaville" and "Cheeseburger in Paradise" on the ukelele.
  7. You know the names of all of the sea birds and what they taste like.
  8. For you, every day is Relaxation Day.
  9. You know the names of all of the sea shells and actually make money selling them.
  10. You'll go the beach any time of the year. Winter? No problem. No crowds.
  11. You buy sandals, not based on how they look, but whether they float.
  12. You've given up on getting the sand out of your car.
  13. You create most of the gifts you give your friends from flotsam off the beach, like seashell candles

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