Tips for Planning a Jack and Jill Baby Shower

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It is a tradition to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a baby showers. Traditional baby showers typically involve only women, but times have changed and many baby celebrations involve the daddy-to-be.

Couples baby showers are more laid-back and anyone can attend. Before planning a co-ed baby shower it is always a good idea to check with the couple to make sure that this would be an event that the dad-to-be would like to participate in. Or that the mom-to-be wants to go with a co-ed shower instead of a party with girls only.

How to Plan a Couples Baby Shower


Co-Ed Baby Shower Invitations

The invitations should clearly state that this will be a co-ed shower and address the invitation to the couple. If you will be having a theme to the party the invitations should follow this theme. Make sure you tone down the pinks and blues in the invitation as not to scare off the male invitees.

A way to make the couples baby shower more interesting to the male guest would be to have them bring a gag gift for the dad-to-be. This should be noted on the invitations.

Invitation Wording Examples:

  • A Baby is Coming, Yes It's True. Bring Your Spouse For A Couples Barbeque.
  • Bring Your Hubby, Come and Celebrate. It's a Couples Baby Shower...Don't Be Late.

Co-Ed Baby Shower Themes

Here's some suggestions for fun and male friendly themes for a co-ed baby shower.

  • Super Bowl/Football - Make sure it is not on the Super Bowl, but this gives guests that are football fans (male and female) to have a good time. If you know that the baby is a boy this is a great theme.
  • Child Proof the House - This theme can be for the gifts and give the male guest a mission in installing the gifts for the couple.
  • Nursery Theme - This theme can also be for the gifts and will allow the guest to help in getting the nursery ready for the special homecoming. The male guest can help in putting together any furniture, hanging pictures or wallpaper, etc.

Food and Beverages

The menu can also follow the theme of the shower. Keep in mind that you want to have more substantial items on the menu for your male guest. Setting up food bars can make serving easier, choose hearty food items such as a Taco Bar or a Mashed Potato Bar. You can still have cake for desert but again follow the theme of the shower. If your theme is football then why not have a football cake.

Co-ed Baby Shower Games and Activities

Many times the Jack and Jill Baby Showers tend to be more of casual get togethers. More of a time to catch up with friends and family and talk with others who have parenting experience. A chance to tell stories and give advice to the parents to be. Ask the expectant parents their preference about playing games.

If you decide to have games and activities some popular co-ed baby shower games are...


Party Favors and Prizes

For prizes and party favors make sure they are gender neutral or you should buy for both. Some popular favors for the male guest at a Jack and Jill Baby Shower are bubble gum cigars, beef jerky, candy, trail mix, sports cards, movie rental gift cards, pocket knives, or mini flashlights. If you want to use your do-it-yourself skills then make the guests Scented Soap Favors choose scents that both the men and women will enjoy. You can create a personalized Monogrammed Cookie Favor using icing or a stamp with food-grade colored gel.

Opening the Gifts

When it comes time to open the gifts have a place for the mom and dad-to-be to open the presents together or they can take turns. If any toys or gifts need assembly you can ask the male guest to work on them while the other gifts are being opened.

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