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Even though your guy seems unassuming and easy to please, you are tired of giving gifts that are opened and immediately set aside. He acknowledges politely with a “thank you”, but shows no enthusiasm. You have failed in your attempt to please him. You want to at least give him a guy gift that he would like. But for most, if he wants it, he's already got it. So where do you start?

First of all, you must know what makes him tick. Look to his interests. Think about his hobbies. What does he spend his spare time doing? Below are some ideas to help get you started when choosing a gift for your guy.

What type of guy is he?

  • Sports Nut – Whether he is an athlete, a spectator or just loves sports, think sports equipment, workout gear, a subscription to sports magazines or paid sports channels, tickets to a professional sports game or tailgating supplies. If you are a "do-it-yourselfer," the no sew fleece blanket sporting his favorite team is a winner. You might even throw him a party on the day of his favorite game.
  • Gardener – If he likes working in the yard, think lawn equipment, landscape books & magazines, garden tools.
  • Chef – Even if your guy doesn't cook, most guys enjoy firing up the grill - think a new grill, grilling tools, a smoker, or a humorous personalized apron. Today there are so many funny variations of hot sauces that not only will get a laugh, but add a little zip to his meals as well.
  • Mechanic - If he spends more time under the hood than behind the wheel, think metric tools, a headlamp, a volt meter or torque wrench. A personalized sign for his garage is also a great idea.
  • Handyman – If he is part of the "DYI" (do-it-yourself ) generation, think tools. Guys love tools - it's a manly thing. Even if he doesn't use them, he will display them on the workshop wall.
  • Intellectual - For the intellectual, think books, magazines, subscriptions to newspapers and newsletters (regular or online), the Kindle wireless reading device, how-to software programs, desk accessories for his office. Puzzles and occupational themed gifts are a good fit.
More Good Guy Gifts
  • Lingerie – Lingerie to be worn by you, of course, and guaranteed to please your guy! And for him, silk boxers with romantic designs, especially for Valentine's Day.
  • A Trip - A getaway for just the two of you.
  • Experience gifts – Guys love danger - anything to get their adrenalin pumping. Experience gifts are great guy gifts and are available for all personality types. Give him the experience of sky-diving, race car driving, wine tasting, hot air balloon rides - the possibilities are endless.
  • Toys – As boys get older, their toys just get bigger (and pricier). Think video games and systems, remote control toys, because “boys will be boys.”
  • Electronics - Guys love to be "in the know," always looking for the newest trends and technology. Think iPods, navigation systems, digital cameras, PDAs, and LCD TVs. Tip: Check consumer magazines for ratings.
  • Gadgets – Guys love the newest and trendiest gadget gifts. Stay away from the from the gimmicky. A digital golf scorecard for the golfer, a heart rate monitoring watch for the runner, a USB watch for the techie.
  • Auto Accessories - Anything for his car from wax kits to windshield scrapers to car mats.
  • Food - Guys love food! There is a reason why the old saying, “A way to a man's heart is through his stomach” is still heavily quoted today.
  • Brand Names - Brands can work when you know your guy's favorite brands.
  • Practical Gifts – Racking your brain for that unique guy gift? Most guys prefer practical gifts - when in doubt, buy him a cordless screwdriver.
  • A specialty brand of beer that he normally wouldn't buy for himself.
  • Let's face it, you're probably better at picking out clothes for him than he is and he is usually probably too busy to go clothes shopping for himself -- which makes clothes a good option for most guys.
  • Gift Cards - Guys love to receive gift cards from their favorite stores. They don't view the gift card as impersonal the way women do - they prefer to choose what they want.
  • Tailgating Supplies - For your tailgating fanatic, whether for NFL, Nascar, Baseball or college football, give him tailgating supplies - anything from grills and smokers to tents and banners. Buy him his own tailgating game such as Chuck-O or Washers in his team colors.

What Not to Do

The below suggestions are not hard and fast rules, but instead guidelines based on what usually works best when giving gifts to most guys for most occasions. Everybody and every occasion is different, so if you have inside information, or if there is a special celebration, that would make one of the these types of gifts a good one, then feel free to bend or break the below guidelines.

  • Although nice clothes usually make a good gift for a guy, avoid socks, ties, bath robes and flannel shirts. These gifts scream boring and have been over-gifted in the past and worn out. Let Mom be the one to give those.
  • Don't buy overly sentimental gifts. They're not manly enough.
  • Don't smother him with numerous gifts. You'll run the risk of coming on too strong or giving him more than he gave you and potentially making him feel bad.
  • Don't force him to keep something he really doesn't want. Always give him an out – let him know that you won't mind if he returns or exchanges it. You would rather him have something he wants.

If all else fails, ask him. Guys are not known to subtly drop hints (no one knows why), so don't waste your time listening for them. He may appreciate the fact that you care enough to ask, and if he's smart, he will jump at the chance to tell you.

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