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Definition of Gag Gift: a gift given to someone with the intention of poking fun at that person, (hopefully harmless fun), expecting laughter in return.

Why give gag gifts? The answer is simple – laughter is the best gift of all. Gag gifts are as much fun to give as they are to get. Ironically, they require more thought than a traditional gift, exhibiting traits of the more gifty. Being sensitive to the recipient while knowing their Achilles heel can make a big difference in the success of the gag gift. If you want your gift to be remembered by your recipient for a long time, then a gag gift may be your best choice.

Gag gifts can generate loads of fun and cost very little. They can be bought at specialty stores, or you can make your own. They come in many different forms. They can be humorous, sexual, disgusting or just creative fun.

Gag Gift Etiquette

The key to giving a good gag gift is knowing your recipient and their personality. Remember to consider who will be attending the party before giving a gift that might be construed as inappropriate or by any of the guests. Everyone attending should be comfortable enough to laugh at the gag gift and it's recipient. Be kind and consider gag gift etiquette when choosing a gag gift. Make sure the gift won't offend the recipient by hurting their feelings, but cause only good-hearted embarrassment. Gags meant to highlight shortcomings or faults will make them feel bad while gags targeted to someone's special talents are usually a hit. Just remember that gag gifts can be offensive but in the right setting, are great fun.

When to Give

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Gag gifts are often chosen when the recipient is more of an acquaintance. You are expected to give a gift for an office party or retirement party, even if you don't know the person well. Triggering a laugh from the crowd as it's opened adds a bit of joy to what might otherwise be a subdued occasion.

Gag gifts are very common and expected at birthday parties, especially 40th, 50th, and Over the Hill birthday parties.

Mixing gag gifts with romance can be an interesting way to spice up your love life.

Giving gag gifts for graduation, especially for the college bound, can lighten up the reality of leaving home for the first time.

Gag gifts can be fun at bridal showers, especially naughty showers. Consider the bride's personality and if she would appreciate the humor. If the shower is not the time for good hearted embarrassment, then hold off until the bachelorette party where such gifts are appropriate.

For gift exchange games like a Yankee Swap or White Elephant party at Christmas, gag gifts add to the fun and help to take the stress out of the holiday. If the gift is to be given within a small circle of friends, there is more leeway to the holidays and occasions in which gag gifts are appropriate.

When Not to Give


Gag gifts are not the best gifts for anniversaries, weddings or any other special occasions unless it is for a close friend. In this case, consider giving a small gift to go along with the gag gift to show your friend that you enjoy having fun with them. The accompanying gift will reassure them how much he/she means to you.

There are those more serious minded individuals where a gag gift would never be appreciated. Some feel gag gifts are given for selfish motives. A well thought out gag gift can make the giver the center of attention and the hit of the party. Others feel the play on people's vulnerabilities is in poor taste and gag gifts can be overused and a big waste of money. The key is knowing the recipient and their personality. In some cases, it may be best to stick with a tradition gift and leave well enough alone.

Some of the most memorable stories in life revolve around pranks and gag gifts, whether given or received, creating fond memories for years to come. Giving the gift of laughter is priceless, so lighten up and go for it!

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