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Choosing flowers for a birthday is simple, as you can't go wrong when you buy the appropriate birth month flower...

Month Type of Flower Flower
January Carnation Carnation-Red.gif
February Violet Violet.jpg
March Jonquil Jonquil.jpg
April Sweet Pea Sweetpea.jpg
May Lily of the Valley Lily-ofthe-Valley square.jpg
June Rose Rose.jpg
July Larkspur Larkspur.jpg
August Gladiolus Gladiolus.jpg
September Aster Aster.jpg
October Calendula Marigold.jpg
November Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum.jpg
December Paperwhite Narcissus WhiteNarcissus.jpg

When buying flowers for other occasions it can be more difficult, as their is a language of sentiments that giving certain flowers express. When buying roses or making a mixed bouquet, review our articles on symbolism of flower colors and |traditional flower meanings to assist you in choosing flowers that match the message you'd like to send.

Famous Birthdays

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