Tips for Planning an Adoption Shower

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Welcoming a new addition into the family is a very exciting time, and with the lengthy process it will be time to celebrate this important milestone. An adoption shower for parents of a new baby should be as eventful as a baby shower, or if the family is adopting an older child have a fun welcoming party, this will make the child fill more at home. Below are a few tips that will make planning for the joyous event easier.

Tip #1 Timing is Important
Communication with the parents is important, make sure the parents-to-be want to have a celebration, as some parents prefer to keep their adoption private. If the parents want to have a party then deciding on the timing of the event is the next step. Since the adoption process can come with a few speed bumps the best time to schedule the event should be a few weeks after the child has been placed. Giving the new parents time to bond with their child, and get adapted to the new family schedule.
Tip #2 Pick a Theme
The theme for an adoption baby shower can be similar to any other baby shower, such as nursery rhymes or baby animals, just remember not to include anything that references "pregnancy". If the child is from another state or country, try incorporating regional or international aspects, this will make for a creative and fun atmosphere. For a more family-friendly or guy-friendly adoption shower you may want to consider themes like a Hawaiian Luau, Backyard BBQ or Sports themed shower.
Tip #3 Get the Word Out
Creating the guest list for the celebration should be done by collaborating with the new parents. The invitations should be sent out a few weeks before the event, if there is a theme then this can be incorporated into the style of the invitation. has a beautiful selection of adoption shower invitations with special themes, and Red Thread Adoption Boutique has beautiful announcement cards. Make sure to include the child's name, and birth date, so the guests can purchase age appropriate gifts. You can even include the date the child was adopted as many adoptive families will celebrate the child's birthday, and the date the child was adopted.
Tip #4 Get The Perfect Gift
Creating a gift registry can be helpful for guests, and depending upon the child's age the parents-to-be can create a baby registry, or a gift wish list for an older child. If the child is older including on the invitation any hobbies, and clothing sizes will make purchasing gifts easier for the guests. If the parents are adopting internationally then check out Red Thread Adoption Boutique they have really nice gifts for the children and great shirts for parents.
Tip #5 Make it Fun
If the party has a theme then use it when choosing decorations, favors, activities. If the event is an all-girls shower then plan as you would a baby shower. Choose the activities carefully, games for the shower should not be associated with being "pregnant". Games like celebrity adoptions or celebrity parents, where guests can match the names of kids with their celebrity parents. Another game is Famous TV Parents where guests can match the sitcom parents with the respective television show or the Karaoke Baby Game with song lyrics that have baby or babe. If the party is going to include the guys then plan co-ed activities that the guys will enjoy, like a barbecue with competitive games. If this party is going to include the entire family then include plenty of fun kid-friendly activities. Have the guests help with creating a special memory, get everyone involved with making a scrapbook. Include pictures of family and friends with special messages from each guest. Making a scrapbook will create a special memento to give the child when they are older, or if the family is adopting an older child, this can be a way for the child to get to know everyone.
Tip #6 Select a Menu
When preparing the menu keep in mind the guest list, choose dishes or snacks that everyone will enjoy. If you have a theme try to express it through the choices of food, especially if the child is from another country. Having regional dishes is a creative way to get guests familiar with the child's culture.
Tip #7 Give Thanks
Make sure that you send each guest a special thank you card. You can choose thank you cards to match your invitations, then add a special touch by including pictures from the celebration, especially pictures of the guest with the new addition.

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