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Giving flowers as an Anniversary gift is a time honored tradition that definitely has not, nor probably never will, go out of style. Giving flowers for an anniversary is a good choice, especially if you creatively combine them with another gift.

Another thoughtful way to make your anniversary flowers that much more special is to give the right flower based on the anniversary year. Similar to the well-known Traditional and Modern Anniversary Table, the Anniversary Flower Table below lists common anniversaries and the traditional flower for that anniversary.

Year Type of Flower Flower Year Type of Flower Flower
1st Carnation Carnation-Red.gif 11th Tulip Tulip.gif
2nd Lily of the Valley Lily-ofthe-Valley square.jpg 12th Peony Peony.jpg
3rd Sunflower Sunflower.jpg 13th Chrysanthemum Chrysanthemum.jpg
4th Hydrangea Hydrangea.jpg 14th Orchid Purpleorchid.jpg
5th Daisy Daisy.gif 15th Rose Rose.gif
6th Calla Lily Callalily.jpg 20th Aster Aster.jpg
7th Freesia Freesia.jpg 25th Iris Iris.jpg
8th Lilac Lilac.jpg 30th Lily Starlily.jpg
9th Bird of Paradise Birdofparadise.jpg 40th Gladiolus Gladiolus.jpg
10th Jonquil Jonquil.jpg 50th Violet Violet.jpg

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