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It is estimated that 63% of US households have a pet and according to the American Pet Products Association, Inc.[1] we will spend 43.4 billion dollars in 2008 on these pets. We will buy food, vet care, and supplies. Of course a good portion of this will also go towards trendy gifts for our pets.

Gone are the days when you simply bought Buster a new (practical) leash for his walk. Now you are carrying Fi-Fi around in a "Luxury Suite" pet carrier! Or pushing her around in her own pet stroller! Pet toys have always been around - a new ball with cat nip in it, a squeaky chew toy, a running wheel for the hamster (still out there) but...

The Pet Trend Has Gone Wild

For your little furry friend...

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A variety of beds from practical to a Canopy (just for your little princess). Toys and treats, furnishings and accessories, the list goes on and on! Clothes to suit your dog's interest, a sweater to keep your pooch warm, or a snowsuit if he's the sledding type.

At the end of the day, if your dog seems a little stressed, maybe a Doggie Spa Basket, or a special treat in his Martini shaped dog bowl will do.

Companies Expand Their Base Into the Pet Market

Many companies that traditionally catered to the human type are now getting in on this pet trend that has become a huge money making market. Harley Davidson has full lines of gifts for pets including, pet clothes, toys, leashes and collars. When you order your meats from Omaha Steaks you can also order gourmet treats made from real meat for your four-legged friend. Paul Mitchell has a full line of grooming products to make your pet look and smell like a million bucks.

Gift Ideas For Pets

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Visit stores like PetSmart and Petco for supplies and gift ideas for all types of animals. You also have your pet specialty shops like, Best Friends General Store, and for more unique and trendy gift ideas for your pet.

Remember that pets aren't just the furry four legged variety. Many people have exotic pets and would love gifts for their unusual pet.

Gift Ideas for Pet Lovers

This phenomenon isn't just for the pets. Pet lovers are telling the world about their best friend. Did you know you could get a custom photo of your pet on just about anything? From jewelry, to a throw blanket, a tote, or even a tie, if you so desire! Pet-themed gifts can include picture frames, salt and pepper shakers, clocks, coffee mugs - the list is endless.

You can even get a pet memorial for someone that has lost a treasured companion.

Keep in mind while it is fun and trendy to give gifts to pets it is not trendy to give pets as gifts.

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