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Like the Traditional & Modern Anniversary Table and the Anniversary Flowers Table, the Anniversary Gemstone Table shown below, provides a handy reference of the gemstones that are traditionally associated with the anniversary year being celebrated.

Anniversary Gemstone Gem Anniversary Gemstone Gem
1st Fresh Water Pearl Pearls.jpg 17th Citrine Citrine.jpg
2nd Garnet Birthstonegarnet.jpg 18th Chrysoberyl Chrysoberyl.jpg
3rd Pearls Pearls.jpg 19th Aquamarine Aquamarine.gif
4th Blue Topaz Bluetopaz.jpg 20th Emerald Emerald.jpg
5th Sapphire Sapphire.jpg 21st Iolite Iolite.jpg
6th Amethyst Birthstoneamethyst.jpg 22nd Spinel Spinel.jpg
7th Onyx Onyx.jpg 23rd Imperial Topaz Imperialtopaz.jpg
8th Tourmaline Tourmaline.jpg 24th Tanzanite Tanzanite.jpg
9th Lapis Lazuli Lapislazuli.jpg 25th Silver Jubilee Silverring.jpg
10th Diamond Diamond.gif 30th Pearls Pearls.jpg
11th Turquoise Birthstoneturquoise.jpg 35th Emerald Emerald.jpg
12th Pearls Pearls.jpg 40th Ruby Birthstoneruby.jpg
13th Moonstone Moonstone.jpg 45th Sapphire Sapphire.jpg
14th Opal Opalbirthstone.jpg 50th Golden Jubilee Goldrings.jpg
15th Ruby Birthstoneruby.jpg 55th Alexandrite Alexandrite.jpg
16th Peridot Birthstoneperidot.jpg 60th Diamond Diamond.gif

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