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graduation: (grāj'ōō-ā'shən) -noun.
The successful completion of a program of study.

In the United States, most transitions from one school level to another are recognized as a graduation. In some instances, there is a graduation ceremony or a graduation party. Graduation from High School and College both traditionally have formal graduation ceremonies at the school, many times followed by individual graduation parties involving family and friends. For the other, more minor transitions (ex. Kindergarten to Elementary School), there may not be a school sponsored ceremony or party, though, immediate and extended family may send cards and/or gifts to acknowledge the graduation. Graduation from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school and college can all be celebrated as milestone accomplishments.

Not every culture celebrates graduation at the same level. In the United Kingdom, students leave secondary school, high school or 'sixth form college' with specific certificates of qualification. [1]

[edit] Types of Graduations

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Nowadays in the United States, most any transition from one school level to another can be celebrated as a graduation. Graduation from specialty vocations are also commonly celebrated. Below, are some of the common graduation celebrations...

[edit] Graduation Traditions

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Class Ring
Class Trip
School Yearbook
Graduation Announcements
Graduation Ceremony or Commencement
Throwing the Cap or Hat Toss

[edit] Graduation Gift Ideas

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Graduation gifts should be chosen according to the graduate's age and level of accomplishment...

  • Children can be given school supplies to prepare them for the next level of their education. A small keepsake of their time in that place in their lives can be cute. Since most schools end their year in late spring, a summer toy is something they could use immediately.
  • High School and College Graduates looking for something exciting and unique would like an experience gift. These can range from a one day cooking class to a whitewater kayaking adventure. For the directionally challenged or those leaving the state for far away colleges or jobs, a GPS can safely be their navigator.
  • Technical and Vocational School Graduates would appreciate something useful towards their chosen area of training. Tools, organizers, or items for their commute, like a plug-in travel mug can prepare them for that new job.

[edit] Thank That Special Teacher

Remember to thank that special educator with a teacher's gift. This is a great way to recognize the ones who stayed after class for you, extended their office hours, gave up their lunch hour, and wrote all those letters of recommendation. Include them in your graduation commencement speech and let them know how much you appreciate everything they did for you.

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[edit] References

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