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Who is it For


This adorable and easy to make DIY Disposable Diaper Cake is a great practical gift for any baby shower and also makes a great centerpiece. You can create baby boy diaper cakes and baby girl diaper cakes that will compliment any type of baby shower theme. You can add cute embellishments such as bibs, pacifiers, or baby bottles to make a unique baby shower gift that any new mom will love to receive. You can also create a Cloth Diaper Cake for the environmentally-friendly mom-to-be.

What to Do


Supplies Needed

  • Disposable Diapers or Cloth Diapers
    • The amount of diapers that you need will vary upon the size of cake that you want to create. If you are using disposable diapers it is best to use size 1, as babies grow out of newborn size diapers quickly.
  • Large Cake Platter or Cardboard Cake Platter
  • Two Baby Bottles filled with candy (1 large 8 oz. baby bottle, and one small 4oz. baby bottle)
  • Colored Ribbon (2 different sizes) that matches your baby shower theme
    • One roll of 1/4 inch ribbon that will be used to tie rolled diapers and one roll of 1 inch or wider ribbon to wrap diaper layers.
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands (small and large)
  • Tape
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Diaper Pins if you are using cloth diapers

Cake Topper and Embellishments

You can use different types of embellishments to make a diaper cake that will compliment the theme of the baby shower.

  • Baby Bottles filled with candy
  • Pacifiers
  • Stuffed Animal
  • Baby Bath Towels or Wash Cloths
  • Receiving Blanket
  • Bath Products
  • Baby Toys

Making the Diaper Cake: Rolled Diaper Method


Start making the diaper cake by forming the bottom of the diaper cake, you will create 3 rings of diapers for the bottom layer. Start by rolling up your diapers, begin at the open end. Wrap diapers with rubber bands, scotch tape, or ribbon around the rolled diaper to keep it from unrolling. If you are using ribbon to tie the diapers make sure to cut your small sized ribbon into 1 foot length strips before you begin rolling diapers.

Then take your cake platter and place a baby bottle filled with candy or a large bottle of a baby bath product in the center. To create the first ring take about 6 rolled diapers and place them around the bottle or bath product, and then place a large rubber band around all of the diapers.

Begin making the 2nd ring with about 11-12 diapers and place them around the 1st ring, secure with another large rubber band. You will need about 18-20 diapers for the final ring, make sure the diapers for the final ring are tied with ribbon. Place the diapers around the second ring. Take the large wide ribbon and tie it around the entire bottom layer to hold the diapers together in a circle shape.

Next it's time to create the second layer. You will make the second layer the same way you made the first, except with two rings of diapers. Take 5-6 diapers to create the inner ring. A portion of the baby bottle or bath product used to form the first layer will be sticking you will place the diapers around it to form the inner ring. For the 2nd ring you will use 11-12 diapers that are tied with ribbon. Place the outer ring around the inner ring and tie a piece of the large ribbon to hold the entire layer in a circle shape.

Now to create the top layer you will need a 4oz baby bottle, take 5-6 diapers and roll them and tie them with the small ribbon. Take the diapers and place them around the baby bottle. Then tie the layer with the large wide ribbon to hold them together. Now you can decorate the diaper cake with your choice of embellishments and other decorative items to create a unique diaper cake.


  • You can make different size diaper cakes with 3 to 5 layers all you need to do is adjust the amount of diapers. For a large diaper cake you will need around 50 diapers for the bottom layer, 36 for the middle layer, and 10 for the top layer. For a medium sized diaper cake you will need around 30 bottom tier, 15-16 for the middle layer, and 6-7 for the top layer. For a small diaper cake you will need around 20 diapers for the bottom layer, 10-15 for the middle layer, and 5-10 top layer.
  • You can also use a baby blanket to cover up the rubber bands by wrapping it around the layers.
  • Secure the bottom layer to the cake platter with double-sided tape, then secure layers together with double sided tape if using disposable diapers and pins for cloth diapers.
  • Attach embellishments to the cake with ribbons, tape, or pins, and some items can be tucked into ribbon around the layers or between the rolls.
  • For a finishing touch you can wrap completed diaper cake with clear or colored cellophane,or sheer tulle netting and ribbons.

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