Traditional Flower Meanings

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Flower Meaning Flower Meaning
Asterflower.gif Aster Talisman of Love Begonia.gif Begonia A Fanciful Nature
Carnation-Red.gif Red Carnation Admiration Carnation-White.gif White Carnation Purity and Luck
Chrysanthemum-Red.gif Red Chrysanthemum I Love You Chrysanthemum-White.gif White Chrysanthemum Truth
Daffodil.gif Daffodil Rebirth, New Beginnings Daisy.gif Daisy Innocence, Gentleness
Forget-Me-Not.gif Forget Me Not True Love Globe-Amaranth.gif Globe Amaranth Unfading love
Hibiscus.gif Hibiscus Delicate Beauty Jasmine-White.gif White Jasmine Amiability
Jasmine-Yellow.gif Yellow Jasmine Modesty Larkspurflower.gif Larkspur An Open Heart
Pansy.gif Pansy Thoughtful Recollection Primrose.gif Primrose Young Love
Rose-Lavender.gif Lavender Rose Love at First Sight Rose-Orange.gif Orange Rose Desire and Fascination
Rose-Peach.gif Peach Rose Appreciation Rose-Pink.gif Pink Rose Grace and Elegance
Rose-Red.gif Red Rose Love and Romance Rose-White.gif White Rose Charm and Innocence
Rose-Yellow.gif Yellow Rose Friendship Rose-Red-White.gif White and Red Roses Unity
Rosebud.gif Rosebud Beauty and Youth Tuberose.gif Tuberose Dangerous Pleasure
Tulip.gif Tulip Perfect Love Verbena.gif Verbena May you get Your Wish
Violetflower.gif Violet Modesty and Simplicity

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