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The traditional wedding reception includes activities like the first dance, the toast and the cutting of the cake. Your guest will eat, talk and hopefully mingle with both sides of the couples families to get to know them better. The bride and groom will move around the room to thank each of the guest for coming and celebrating this day with them.

You can add some additional fun to the reception by playing games that include your guests, the bride and groom and the bridal party. Wedding reception games can help to relax your guest and can be a great way to fill time if they are not dancers. The DJ or MC of the reception can help in facilitating the games and may also have suggestions for other games or activities.

When deciding if you want to play games at the reception or which to play, take into account your guest and their ages. The venue can also dictate what types of games you can play.

Below is a list of games that can be played at a wedding reception. Simply click on the link for details on how to play the game.

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