Color Meanings of Flowers

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Find the traditional meanings associated with a flower's color. This table shows the sentiments expressed when giving a flower of a certain color as a gift.

Color Meaning
Whiterose1.jpg White Symbol of purity
Rose.jpg Red Love, passion, desire
Roseorange.jpg Orange Enthusiasm, desire, and fascination
Purplerose.jpg Violet Expresses feelings of modesty, generosity and humility
Bluerose1.jpg Blue Peace, openness, and serenity
Pinkrose.jpg Pink Grace and happiness
Lavenderrose.jpg Purple Royalty, accomplishment and admiration
Yellowrose.jpg Yellow Friendship, new beginnings, happiness, joy
Greenrose.jpg Green Health, good fortune, and renewal
Rosecoral.thb.jpg Coral Desire and passion
Peachrose.jpg Peach Gratitude, appreciation, admiration
Flowersredandyellow.jpg Yellow and Red Together Happiness, joy, and celebration
RedandWhiteRoses.jpg Red and White Together Unity
Yellow white-roses.jpg White and Yellow Together Harmony

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