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If you and your sweetheart went to, or met, at the same College or University, why not have a favor that reflects the love of your school? A football cookie favor representing your passion for the school's football team will be enjoyed by many of the fans who will be in attendance at the “kick-off” on your big day. Guests love favors that are edible

Supplies Needed

  • Football Shaped Cookies
  • Royal Icing
  • Flat Cellophane Bags
  • Ribbon, Twist Tie or Sticker for Bags

Making the Favor

Hand with piping bag.jpg

There are football cookie cutters that are sold in different sizes, as well as, helmet cookie cutters. You can make your own sugar cookies or, if you are not much of a baker, you can pre-purchase your football cookies from a local bakeshop or grocery store bakery. You can then hand-decorate the cookies with royal icing in your college team colors, and in addition, if you are more artistic and have a steady hand, (or friends and family that can help) add your college team’s logo or letter(s), or add your own initials to the cookie! Royal icing is best to work with since it hardens fast.

NOTE: Be sure to sample the cookies from the bakery before placing your order, and also taste one on the day you pick up your order to be sure they will be delectable for your guests!

Once the cookies are totally decorated you can slip them into cellophane bags and either tie them with a ribbon or twist tie or fold them closed and seal with a sticker.

After the wedding, file the recipe away for more football themed events, like Tailgating or Super Bowl Parties!

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