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For these wedding favors, small cookies are stacked and iced to create miniature wedding cakes. They can be decorated with tiny candies, edible glitter or dust, sugar layons or candied flowers.

You can choose to make your own home-made cookies or buy pre-made cookies. You will have to balance the cost of the cookies by the time and effort saved by purchasing pre-made goods.

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  • First, choose the container for your favor. This can be a clear box, satin bag, cellophane, tissue paper or tulle. That way you can make sure that the cookie favor fits the container.
  • Second, choose the sizes for your cookie stack. Find a graduated set of cookie cutters. Determine how many cookies you want in your cookie cake. It will probably be two or three sizes of cookie.
  • Third, choose a flavor of cookie. The standard sugar cookie is a basic recipe that can be altered with minor additions of food coloring and flavor extracts.
  • Fourth, make a practice set of cookies using different size cookie cutters. Determine the thickness and cookie times.
Tip: Smaller cookies may cook more quickly than larger cookies. You may need to bake in batches by size.
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Use Powdered Sugar Icing or Royal Icing to add a glaze to the cookies. A small dab of icing will hold your handmade cookie favors together after they are stacked.

Be sure to choose a sturdy type cookie - nothing that will crumble when it is handled or iced. A basic sugar cookie is a good choice. Color or flavor extracts may be added if desired.

This cake-shaped cookie idea is a very versatile type of party favor. The colors and decorations can be varied for many different themes, holidays and celebrations, including Easter, Christmas and Halloween. You can even make small heart-shaped cookies for a Valentine's Day party.

Freezing Cookies

Some types of cookies can be cooked a month or more ahead and frozen[1]. Cool the baked cookies completely before freezing. Place them in air tight containers before placing in the freezer. Be sure they are thoroughly thawed and brought to room temperature before icing. If cookies are iced (but not assembled) before being frozen, freeze them uncovered on a tray. Pack them in airtight container layered with waxed paper or foil.


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