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These message in a bottle favors are perfect for any beach wedding or summer-themed wedding. These favors can also be used as invitations for weddings, birthdays, or any summer celebration.

[edit] Supplies Needed

  • Plastic or Glass Bottles with Corks
  • Parchment Design Paper
  • Natural White Bulk Sand
  • Mixed Tiny Sea Shells
  • Satin Ribbon or Raffia
    • If using ribbon choose colors that coordinate with your wedding colors.
  • Sticker Labels or Purchase Small Personalized Wedding Labels
  • Bottle of Fragrance
    • Choose an island or beach fragrance (i.e. Tropical Coconut, Ocean Breeze, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Printer or Calligraphy Pens
  • Pencil

[edit] Optional

  • Large Candle or Cigarette Lighter

Optional Filler:

  • Tiny Flip Flops
  • Tropical Umbrellas
  • Palm Trees
  • Small Sunglasses
  • Miniature Sand Dollars

[edit] Making the Favor


To make your beach-themed favors, attach your labels to each bottle. You can print them out yourself or have them made.

  1. Include on the labels the name of the bride and groom, and the date of the wedding.
  2. Prepare the scrolls by printing on each one a poem or thank-you note, you can use your computer printer or handwrite with Calligraphy Pens.
  3. If you want to give the paper scrolls a special touch you may want to slightly burn the edges, to give an aged-look.
  4. Then take the paper and wrap it tightly around a pencil to make the scroll the perfect size to fit in the bottle, and tie it tight with a piece of ribbon or raffia.
  5. Add about 2" of sand into each bottle, you can layer different natural-tone colors and add a few sea shells or an optional filler.
  6. Add a drop or two of the fragrance into each bottle.
  7. Place scroll inside bottle, add a drop of fragrance to the cork then place the cork into the bottle.
  8. Wrap a piece of ribbon or raffia around the neck of bottle.
  9. Use the glue gun to attach a shell to knot for a finishing touch.

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