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A candy buffet is the hottest trend in do-it-yourself wedding favors. Brides are keying in on the fun and fairytale flavor a candy buffet provides. Easy and well received, candy is something people either eat or take home. It is an appropriate wedding favor for both adults and children, eliminating the need for different age appropriate favors. Best of all, the candy buffet allows guests to pick and choose their favorite candy, creating their gift of choice while bringing out their inner child.

Why a Candy Buffet?

  • Fun and nostalgic for your guests
  • Guests get to choose their own favor
  • Something to nibble on during the evening
  • Adds to the décor and flavor of the wedding atmosphere
  • Less expensive than a dessert bar catered by a vendor
  • Eliminates wrapping favors
Supplies Directions
  • Candy of choice
  • Assorted large glass containers
  • Scoops
  • Small favor boxes or bags
  • Thank you notes
  • Table decorations and tablecloth
  • Instructions for guests
  • White cards, double-side tape, pen (optional)
  • Decorate the table
  • Fill jars with candy and arrange on table
  • Write candy names on white cards and attach to fronts of jars with tape (optional)
  • Place scoops in or beside candy containers
  • Arrange favor boxes or bags on table with thank you notes attached
  • Place written instructions on the table inviting guests to help themselves - one popular option is calligraphy displayed in a photo frame

Tips for Creating Your Candy Buffet


Choosing the Candy

  • How much candy? Buying enough candy is key. Don't buy according to the number of guests expected. Rather, measure quantity in proportion to the size of your table for a pleasing visual balance. Your objective is to have a table overflowing with candy. It's as much about the effect as it is about the favor. Depending on your budget, start with 5 to 10 different kinds of candy, purchasing 15 to 20 pounds of each.
  • Coordinate candies with your wedding theme or wedding colors. All white weddings should feature all white candy. For tropical weddings, you can afford to present more exotic candy in tropical colors and flavors.
  • Consider the weather. For an outdoor wedding, stay away from candy that will melt.
  • Placing the Groom's Cake on the table adds diversity to your candy display.
  • Have extra candy handy for discrete refills in easy-to-open bags. Ziplock bags work well.

Table Decorations

  • Designate a special table for your candy buffet.
  • You will want to decorate the table in keeping with the theme and colors of your wedding.
  • You may want to display pictures of the bride and groom – they can be recent photos or childhood pictures.
  • For a dramatic effect, place boxes or stack books of various heights under the tablecloth to create a dramatic stage for displaying the candy.
  • Other popular items to use as table decorations include candles, flowers and table runners.
  • Don't clutter your table with decorations. Less is more – let the candy speak for itself.

Candy Containers and Scoops

  • Generally, old fashioned glass candy jars or clear containers work best. You may also use vases and brandy glasses.
    • Choose different sizes and shapes.
    • Be sure to use containers have a mouth wide enough for a candy scoop to fit comfortably inside.
    • Shop thrift stores, yard sales and dollar stores to find affordable containers.
    • Keep in mind that you can rent containers as well.
  • Scoops can be found in many sizes and shapes - from coffee scoops to measuring scoops to ice cream scoops to pet food scoops. You might even consider a plastic beach shovel for a beach theme wedding. Tongs can also be used.

Favor Boxes or Bags

  • Your favor containers should also be color coordinated with your wedding colors or theme. Check local dollar stores for small sacks at bargain prices. Others ideas include cellophane bags, Chinese-style takeout boxes, or simple white bags. For a more elegant presentation, you can sew a fabric bag and tie with a ribbon.
  • Personalize your containers. This can be accomplished with stickers, paint pens or stamps.
  • Add a thank you note to let guests know how much you appreciate their presence. These can also be slipped inside the favor containers.

Candy Buffet as Centerpieces for Guest Tables

Another way to give candy as a wedding favor and save money is to use the candy as the centerpiece on the guest tables. Place several bowls or extra large cocktail glasses of candy in the center of each table. Place a small bag with a note encouraging your guests to fill the bag with the candy of their choice.

One last thing...

When planning a candy buffet, be sure to include it in your budget. While not the least expensive DYI favor idea, a candy buffet adds fun and flavor to your wedding atmosphere as well as a stunning decoration. This is an easy alternative that does not involve wrapping a wedding favor for each guest. And, your guests will love it!


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