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Making a couple's monogrammed cookie wedding favor can be as simple or artistic as you want them to be. Remember, these are handcrafted, so they don't have to be perfect. The easiest thing to do is to purchase a quantity of unfrosted cookies at a grocery or bakery. Of course, you can always make your own cookies. Frozen cookie dough is fast and easy and save you all of that messy mixing.

Supplies Needed

  • Cookies - Home made or purchased.
  • Piping Bag - Buy a bag or use a kitchen plastic bag.
  • Piping Tip - Used for the small circle edge or any decorative touches.
  • Royal Icing - A traditional icing that dries hard. It's fast and extremely versatile.
  • Friends to help. The more the merrier.
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Cookie step02.jpg

Cookie step03.jpg


Making the Cookies

  • Be sure to use a flat style cookie such as a sugar cookie, gingerbread cookie, or any flavor of cut-out cookie. Stay away from anything with long points or extensions as these are more likely to break during handling.
  • Choose the size of the cookie that will match the style of initials you will use. A large cookie will hold both couple's initials.
  • Alternatively, you can pipe one of each initial on smaller cookies and place two cookies back to back when they are wrapped. You may want to use two different colors or flavors of cookie for contrast.
  • You can cover the cookie with a thin layer of royal icing if you want a more formal style of cookie wedding favor.
  • Using a bakers piping bag, pipe the couple's initials onto the cookie. Make sure the icing is thoroughly dry before sealing the cookies in cellophane bags tied with ribbon, yarn or twist-ties.
  • When using royal icing, pipe a border around the inside edge of the cookie first. This gives you a no-spill edge when filling in the area.

With a little forethought and planning, you can create an inexpensive wedding favor that will make a memorable gift for your guests.

Stamped Wedding Cookie Favor


Use an ordinary rubber stamp to create detail on an iced cookie for this personalized wedding cookie favor. You can have a special stamp made at an office supply store. Use liquid food coloring, or buy food-safe markers or icing gel to use with the stamp.

Make sure the royal icing is dry before you stamp the cookies. You can wet a clean piece of felt with the liquid food coloring and use this as a stamping pad. Be sure to wait at least an hour after stamping the cookies before you wrap them.

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