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Romantic, Fun, and Informal!


The dream wedding of years gone by most likely included church bells and stained glass windows. But today, the trend is toward the less traditional, more casual setting for the big day. Weddings on the beach are becoming more popular as a less expensive and less stressful alternative. Plus, they are just more fun for everyone!

Beach weddings appeal to everyone. The beach sets the mood providing a beautiful backdrop. Sea and sand paired with tranquility provide the perfect ingredients for a romantic wedding – compliments of mother nature. Decorations should be kept to a minimum. Fresh flowers and seashells are all that is needed.

Invitations and Favors

The invitations should lay the groundwork for your beach themed wedding. Many styles are available with beaches, seashells, lighthouses, and palm trees, to name a few. Or, for the budget conscious, you can create the invitations yourself using your home computer and printer.

The favors should also continue the beach theme. You can create a bath bomb favor shaped like a seashell. Candy buffets are fun for beach themed weddings with the boardwalk candy choices like saltwater taffy, caramel apples and peanut brittle. Simple seashells, miniature lighthouses and messages in a bottle are also popular favor choices, all available online, just a click away.


At the beach, anything goes. Beach weddings are generally more informal than church weddings. Full flowing wedding dresses and veils are not required. Beach weddings offer the perfect setting for those wanting something a little less traditional. Casual dresses work best. When choosing a dress, take into consideration that the beach is usually windy. Don't choose a dress that you will have to hold down. If you are wearing a hat, make sure it is pinned securely. For footwear, shy away from pumps. Some brides choose to go barefoot while others choose 'strappy' sandals or flip-flops.

For those wanting the romance and fun of a beach wedding, yet still wanting a formal ceremony, it is possible to pull off a formal wedding on the beach. As long as you have enough space and accessibility for your guests to be comfortable, there's no reason not to have a formal event.


Planning a wedding at the beach involves many of the same steps as planning an indoor wedding. However, there are some things you have to take into consideration:

1. The Weather
Unfortunately, the weather is the one thing out of your control. Therefore, it is necessary to have a back-up plan. Most beach wedding packages offer an indoor venue in case of bad weather. If storms threaten, everything can be moved indoors. If your wedding is to take place during the heat of summer, know that afternoon showers are quite common.
2. The Tide
When planning a shoreline ceremony, make sure you know whether it will be high tide or low tide at the time scheduled for your ceremony. The ceremony site should be strategically placed accordingly.
3. Flowers
If you love decorating with fresh flowers, remember that they will not last as long when exposed to the heat. You don’t want to see wilted flowers in your wedding photographs. Some opt for artificial flowers to decorate arbors and other props that need to be set up in advance.
4. Food
You won’t find refrigeration on the beach. Think about how you will handle the food safely. Portable refrigerators and coolers will be necessary. If you hire caterers, make sure they are mobile and can come to you.
5. Photography
When hiring a photographer, make sure he/she has experience shooting outdoor weddings. Adjustments must be made for the natural light, whether at sunset, in the bright daylight or on a cloudy day. Most photographers have switched over to digital photography.
6. Public Beaches
Most beaches are public. If you are planning a wedding on a public beach, know that you will be sharing your big day with strangers enjoying the beach. Think about how this might affect your ceremony. Usually, there are no fees or minimal fees but you may need to book in advance if it has a covered area or picnic area. Also, check with the local government to see if a permit is necessary.
7. Your Guests
Walking in the sand for the young can be fun, but for seniors, it can prove hazardous. A beach may not be totally accessible for all with uneven terrain and no handrails. Consider your guests and what you can do to make them more comfortable.



The atmosphere at the beach suggests alternative choices for music. Instead of the traditional piano or organ for the Wedding March, consider the vibraphone for the bride's entrance. The sound of the vibraphone is a cross between an electric piano and a harp and is more audible on the beach so that everyone can hear. For the reception, whether hiring a DJ or booking a band, you might consider the music of a Steel Band for that authentic tropical feel.

With these tips in mind, a beach wedding can be the fantasy wedding you always dreamed of. After all, there is nothing more romantic than a beach sunset with the wind in the palms and the sand beneath your feet. And with a little luck, the sun will shine down on your dream come true!

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