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Exotic Romantic Unusual Amazing Adventurous

Are any of these words that you would use to describe one of the most important days of your life -- your wedding day? If so, then a themed wedding may be just for you. A themed wedding can be large or small, simple or elegant, or even outrageous. It's all up to you and your fiance. Besides this is your special day and it should reflect your personality as a couple.

The wedding theme you choose should be tied to every aspect of the affair and will represent the overall look of the wedding. Selecting a wedding theme that expresses both your and your future husband's personality and style will enhance your wedding day. Including your soon-to-be spouse in these decisions will ensure you'll both enjoy the theme and festivities for your wedding day.

In selecting your theme consider what you want this day to say. Remember the adjectives of exotic, romantic, unusual, amazing and adventurous? The theme tells a story about you and your fiance. Make sure it tells the story you want your wedding guests to remember.

Themed Wedding Ideas

There are several parts in planning a themed wedding and some factors that will dictate what type of themed wedding you can have. The budget is a definitely an important factor to consider, as well as the location and the time of year the wedding is to take place. If your dream was to have a beautiful Hawaiian wedding, but the budget doesn't allow for the travel, then consider a Hawaiian themed wedding.

The theme you choose will also help in the decisions for colors, decorations, music selection, wedding favors, and attire for the bridal party. A country-themed wedding, for example, may include wildflowers, casual clothing, gingham tablecloths and caramel apple favors. The food you select for the reception as well as your choice of music and DJ will carry the flavor throughout the reception. The success of some of the hottest trends today, like the candy buffet, depend on how well the buffet is coordinated with the theme of the wedding.

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