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Everyone has someone that they consider the hard to buy for person. The great aunt with the pink flamingo lawn collection, the teen with every iPod accessory known to mankind, the avid golfer, the true-blue geek, or the world traveler. Some of the most significant people in our lives can be impossible to buy for. For those who find themselves in a gift-giving dilemma, here are some gift guides for some types of hard to buy for gift recipients:







Types of Hard to Buy for People

Tips on Choosing and Buying Perfect Gifts
  • Be Nosy. Talk with your gift recipient to find out what they are interested in.
  • Keep an Eye Out. When you visit them look for clues by the types of magazines and books they read, decor of home, music they listen to, etc. When you are shopping make a mental note of the things that they look at.
  • Ask Questions. Talk with other friends or family members to get hints on items they may be wanting or for insight on their hobbies.
  • Get Social. Search to see if they have a MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking page. You may find some good tips such as what their hobbies are, favorite movies and TV shows, and music genres.
  • Make Sure it's Appropriate. When buying gifts remember your relationship with the gift recipient, selecting an inappropriately intimate gift for a co-worker could make for an awkward moment at the office.

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