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[edit] Gift Giving for RVers

Some people are drawn to the road. For them traveling is a passion and their preferred method includes a RV. RVers present a special gift giving challenge, without a lot of extra space finding gifts can be hard. Keep in mind that RVs come in many shapes and sizes from towable folding campers and campers that fit in the back of a truck to conventional trailer and luxurious motor homes. Gifts for RVers need to be practical yet thoughtful at the same time. Not something that is going to end up in storage somewhere.

[edit] Gift Ideas for RVers

  • TV/VCR/DVD Combo the appropriate size for a travel trailer or fifth wheel would give an entertainment option to travelers during a trip. Keep in mind some of the luxury coaches come with these already built in.
  • Satellite Radio is a great gift idea for RVers. When traveling down the road they don't have worry about loosing radio signal plus no more static due to the clarity of the stations.
  • Portable Navigation Systems are much easier to use and take up less space than a book of road maps and the directions are more detailed.
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance Services will assure that travelers will be protected while on the road.
  • RV Size Tool Storage Kit with select tools, such as: hatchet, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, battery terminal cleaners, rubber mallet or small sledge hammer, and an assortment of other needs depending on the type of vehicle.
  • Fuel Gift Cards are great gifts for RVers. You know this is a gift they will definitely use plus it takes up very little space. Just make sure that the gift card can be used anywhere the Rver may decide to travel.
  • Portable Ice Makers are great for the RVer who doesn't have much room. Instead of stopping to grab a bag of ice or dealing with small ice trays this easy to use gift will be much appreciated.

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