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Frugality is not deprivation. Some people have learned to do a lot of things without spending much (or sometimes, any) money.

Some people don't like to have a lot of knick knacks or clutter surrounding them. Some have simplified or downsized their lives and don't have room for non-essential items.

What Do Frugal People Want?

Most frugal people are willing to tell you exactly what they want and where to get it. A thrifty gift does not have to be cheap or inexpensive, although those gifts are possible. Some frugal items can be extravagant as long as it is what the gift recipient wants or needs.

Some gift recipients actually prefer a hand crafted or homemade item because it shows that you took the time to create something for them personally, and that you know their likes and dislikes.

Special occasions don't have to be expensive to be memorable. Learn how to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and all of your other special days with a frugal flair and staying within your budget.

Useful Gifts

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A frugal gift is measured first by it's usefulness. Here are a few suggestions for the frugal among us:

Gift Baskets

  • Some other practical gift baskets include Laundry, Cleaning, Kitchen, Gardening, Sewing/Quilting, etc.
  • A Spa Gift Basket is a nice spurge for a birthday, new job or other special occasion. You can make homemade bath bombs for pennies.


  • Purchase a coupon book of entertainment or restaurant discounts.
  • Keep track of what coupons they need and give them a set that you have saved from the mail or newspaper.

Gift Cards

  • Gift cards come in a wide variety of options. Spa, pedicure/manicure, gas for the car, home improvement store, coffee shop, gourmet grocery store, their favorite restaurant or department store.
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Service Gifts

  • Ask about their favorite charity and donate time or items in their name.
  • Offer to drive them or someone else to an appointment for a specific number of trips or a period of time.

The Gift of Experiences

  • Gift certificates to museums, a high-end restaurant, tickets to a show at the theatre or movie tickets. [1]
  • Memberships to the local Zoo and Botanical Gardens.
  • Gift certificate for a night at a bed and breakfast.

The Gift of Memories

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  • Read a child's favorite book onto tape or a CD. The child can read along with the recording of your voice.
  • Photo albums, photo collages, scrapbooks, taped or written recollections are all precious memories. [2]
  • Forgotten pieces of jewelry can be "re-worked" into something new again.

Other Practical Gifts

  • Letter envelopes or postcards with the postage stamps already on them.
  • Sun Tea Jar Gift will definitely be appreciated, because not only can they brew a refreshing beverage but they will save on their utility bill at the same time.

Host a Swap Party

  • Get a group of friends, neighbors, or relatives together. Tell everyone to bring a bag of household items that they want to give away. Have everyone swap or give away their items. Donate any extras to charity.[3]

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