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Vegetarian.jpg Vegetarianism is the practice of eating mostly fruits and vegetables. There are many different reasons why people choose to be Vegetarian, so it should be no surprise that there are different types of Vegetarians. Their diet includes a lot of nuts and legumes to acquire the protein and vitamins they need. They generally don't wear leather or use products that have been tested on animals.

Buying gifts for vegans can be difficult if you are not familiar with the Vegan lifestyle. Here is some information to help you display your gifty skills by giving a gift that shows you respect Veganism. These tips will help you know how to buy a vegan gift or a gift for someone with a specific diet so you can avoid giving an inappropriate gift.

[edit] Types of Special Diets

  • Lacto Ovo Vegetarians diet excludes all types of animals' flesh, including the flesh of cows, pigs, birds, fish, other sea animals, etc., but includes dairy products and eggs. Lacto is the Latin word for milk and ovo means eggs.
  • Ovo Vegetarians diet excludes animal flesh and dairy products, but includes eggs.
  • Pescatarian or Pescetarian Vegetarians diet includes the flesh of sea animals, but excludes other types of animals' flesh.
  • Strict Vegetarian Diet excludes all animal products, including insect products such as honey.
  • Vegan Diet are said to eat “nothing with a face.” This sometimes includes honey because it went through a bee first.
  • Raw Food Diet includes only uncooked, unprocessed, and typically only organic foods as a large percentage of the food consumed. People that participate in the raw foodism lifestyle believe cooking destroys the natural nutrients of the food. Food can be warmed to under 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw foodism diets can include "Raw Vegans", Raw Vegetarians, and Raw-Omnivorous Diets. Raw Omnivorous Diet include raw meats, and raw animal foods such as dairy and eggs. A Raw Vegan diet includes only uncooked plant foods. A Raw Vegetarian Diet excludes meat, fish and poultry; but allows dairy and eggs.
  • Macrobiotic diet includes unprocessed vegan foods, whole grains, fruit and occasionally fish. Sugar and refined oils are avoided. There is an emphasis on Asian varieties of vegetables and seaweed.

[edit] Gift Ideas For People with Special Diets


There are animal products hidden in unexpected places in everyday items. Look for the sign declaring it Suitable For Vegetarians. If there isn't a health food section in your grocery store, look for organic foods.

Look for these keywords: botanical, handmade, natural, organic, cruelty-free, herbal, Suitable For Vegetarians, PETA, Humane Cosmetics Standard (HCS0, vegan-supported organizations).

  • Cookbooks, kitchen gadgets, bread machine, juicer, Crockpot, Stainless steel cookware, casserole dishes, popcorn maker with organic popcorn, Stainless steel cookware and Corning Ware casserole dishes, food dehydrator, soy milk maker
  • Gardening supplies – compost, seaweed fertilizer, encourage wildlife – birdhouses, feeders, birdbath, frog habitat, dragonflies, praying mantis egg case, seeds, tools, plants, planter, gardening book, worm fertilizer (except for vegan),
  • Household items - Animal Free Cleaning Products, Soy candles, Stationery, Coir products
  • Lingerie – (not silk)
  • Apparel Fabrics – Hemp, Cotton, bamboo, linen, denim, ramie and rayon, faux fur, Tencel, Polartec Wind Pro
  • Toiletries and cosmetics - Burts Bees products (often includes honey), The Body Shop, Dermalogica. You can also create handmade products such as a bath bomb wrapped in a hemp bag or wash cloth.
  • All natural charcoal briquettes

[edit] Symbols to Look For

HCS - The Humane Cosmetics Standard
Suitable for Vegetarians
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

[edit] Products to Avoid

Leather, wool, lanolin/lanoline, tallow, collagen, silk

Casein - A protein precipitated from milk

Gelatine/gelatin - a setting agent commonly used in jelly, ice cream

Rennet – An enzyme used to create cheese

Alcohol – An animal product is used to clear wine and beer. Look for organic or chill filtered.

Albumen – Egg white

Butter – Look for Pure Butter

Whey – from milk

Lecithin – Look for soy



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