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An artist as defined by Webster is one who creates art; one who is skilled at an activity.

Artist is a broad term that to describe a person that participates in any activity that is considered art. You may hear that someone is an artist and think painter and they may be a performer or sculptor. The term art is subjective and has no defined guidelines. Generally however when most people are discussing art they are usually referring to visual art.

Visual Art can be painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, computer and digital graphics, architecture, ceramics and visual design which covers the more functional works of art.

[edit] Gifts for the Artist

Gifts for the artist need to appeal to the individual taste and talents of the recipient. You want the gift for artists to be special and have meaning but at the same time be useful. This is someone who loves and appreciates art and you want the gift to be appreciated. You can also impress them with creative gift wrapping and show off your artistic talent.

  • Personal Presentation Folder - A presentation folder is an essential for an artist, who needs to show samples of his or her work.
  • Colored Pastel Set - A set of individually pocketed pastels.
  • Sketchbook- A sketchbook is one thing an artist can never have too many off. Some like to have different ones for different projects.
  • Watercolor Pencils Set - This type of pencil gives the watercolorist a great deal of control and produces a beautiful product, a combination of pencil drawing, and watercolors, depending on weather or not the artist uses water and how much.
  • Easel - Every artist needs more than one whether a beginning artist, or an experienced one.
  • Print of Favorite Artwork - Every artist has a favorite piece of artwork by their favorite artist. So give them a framed print of the work.
  • Gift Card - A card to their favorite art local store or online store will help avoid art mishaps.

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