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Gifts for clergy, whether their title is minister, reverend, pastor or priest, is a wonderful opportunity to show support for their life's work. Everyone needs assurance now and then. Gifts, thoughtful gestures and encouraging cards do wonders to reaffirm to your pastor to continue on with the spiritual work God has called him to do.

What to Give

When it comes to expressing genuine appreciation to the clergy, many people feel a sense of awkwardness in finding a gift that truly expresses their gratitude. There is a sense that their gift will not be appropriate enough or 'just right' for someone who spends their life tending to their congregation's spiritual needs. So, what would be a great gift for a man of the cloth?


Spiritual Gifts

There are many spiritual gifts for pastors that cater to your pastor's spiritual needs. Finding a spiritual gift for your clergyman can be a simple task with these gifty ideas!
  • Pastors are avid readers, so a gift card from a Christian bookstore will be appreciated by your pastor. Stores such as Family Christian Stores and Lifeway Christian Stores sell gift certificates online.
  • Is your pastor looking for new ideas? A subscription to the Leadership Journal offers tips and articles for pastors and leaders of the church.
  • A membership at Preaching Plus, a website that features helpful hints, sermon concepts, jokes, illustrations, news, and articles about ministry today would be beneficial to a pastor.
  • offers many inspirational and spirtual gifts for Catholic priests. For example, the book “A Priest Forever” by Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel, tells the story of a young man who's last wish was to be ordained as a priest. The website also offers greeting cards tailored for priests as well.

Practical Gifts

  • Pastors typically work in an office, so a gift of office supplies would be ideal, such as daily planners, organizers, software - and, put to good use.
  • Many pastors travel to conferences and meetings for their ministries. A gift of travel, in case the church does not cover travel expenses or to be used just for a vacation. Airlines such as American, Delta, or Northwest sell gift certificates for airline tickets on their websites.
  • The Blessings Catalog sells inspirational coffee mugs with images, such as the Ten Commandments, printed on the cups.
  • Victorie, Inc. sells an Olive Oil Lamp wonderful for meditation. This lead-crystal lamp contains a floating wick that can be lit and burned for 3 to 4 hours. Olive oil is non-toxic and burns cleanly.

Gifts of Time

Pastors are on call 24/7 tending to their congregation. Those with families often see their church members more than their own spouses or children. Pastors need time – time to pray, time to study, time to rest. Your gift can be something you can do to help free up more of their time by taking on some of their routine chores:
  • Mow their lawn
  • Clean their house or rectory
  • Babysit
  • Odd jobs like painting trim, remodeling projects, or whatever you are proficient in


Gifts of Food

Every pastor loves food! Often up late at night writing the next sermon, your pastor will certainly be grateful for baked goods or snacks and munchies.
  • Homemade goodies - whatever your specialty is
  • Frozen casseroles with directions for baking to be cooked when needed
  • Gift cards for restaurants – both fast food and eat-in restaurants
  • Gift Baskets of fruit, nuts or complete meals

Gifts of Money

Often, the salary of clergy is low in proportion to the duties and responsibilities he/she performs. The gift of money is an appropriate way to let them know how special they are.

Get to know your clergy! After all, they are devoting their life to your spiritual well-being. A simple gift for your clergy can be a thoughtful way to not only express appreciation, but also an opportunity to witness to the community by showing your gratitude for God's mercy and love.

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