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Profile of the Handyman

The true handyman is a breed of his own, usually unassuming, not particularly interested in material things or how he dresses and seemingly hard to buy for. He does, however, appreciate practical gifts that make his projects easier and more enjoyable. When considering a gift for the do-it-yourselfer, show him your support with handyman gifts useful to his craft. There's no doubt that your gift will be used and he will appreciate your thoughtfulness time and time again. You may even have ulterior motives - want those floors refinished? Sounds like a belt sander! Need light fixtures hung? A drill and a voltage tester will do the trick. ;)

Tool Gifts for the Handyman


The number one gift for the Do-It-Yourselfer is tools. If you are in the market for a tool, there are some things to consider before you buy:

Always Room for More

Chances are your handyman already has a large collection of tools piled high on his workbench. Still, every time he visits the local Lowe’s or Home Depot, he makes his way down the tool aisle studying the motor amperage, cutting capacity, or whatever of each tool displayed. As with electronics, tools are becoming smaller with more frills – drills and screw drivers are stronger, lighter and more stylish with ergonomically designed handles for maximum comfort. Never assume that he has all the tools he needs, there is always a new and improved upgrade available.

Quality Counts!

Guys, especially the handy, are very particular about their tools. He may be clueless as far as fashion, but don’t buy him a cheap screw driver! These are for amateurs and is an insult to his craftsmanship. Avoid tool kits that you see displayed in the front aisle of home improvement stores. While these may be fine for the average kind of guy, your handyman knows that the lifespan of these tools is short, usually breaking during the first project.

Brand names

To be safe, stick with the known brand names - although pricier, they are well worth it. Always buy the heavy duty and look to see what the warranty offers. Some tools are warranted for life – paying a higher price up front will pay off in the long run - if it breaks, you just return it for a new one.

Skill level

Your choice of tool should be relative to his skill level. For the novice, basic tools are best. A hammer, screw driver, stud finder, level, clamps, ladder, 3/8 inch drill are all good choices. How-to Books and Magazines are popular for the beginner. But for the more professional handyman, more advanced tools are in order. You may graduate to air compressors and pneumatic tools or butane gas powered nailers, metric tools for the mechanic, or a compound miter saw for fine woodworking. He may now need a ½ half inch drill to replace his 3/8 inch drill.

Tool Alternative Gifts


For those who just can’t bring themselves to purchase another tool, here are some handyman gift alternatives:

  • Personalized Gifts for the Handyman - t-shirts, ornaments, garage and workshop signs
  • How-to Books and Magazines – for project ideas and tips
  • Do-it-Yourself Videos - an excellent visual guide offering step-by-step instruction to a variety of repairs and projects
  • Gift Cards – unlike women, handymen love receiving gift cards from their favorite home improvement stores
  • Tool Accessories - tool belts, tool boxes, rubber mats to reduce leg strain, an assortment of wood screws, an assortment of sand paper, good quality paint brushes, a radio or fan for his workshop
  • Shop Organizers – wall hangers for tools, metal tool chests, drawer organizers for nails and screws

Be a Detective


As with any successful gifting, there is always sleuthing involved. Spending time with your handyman in his workshop and being alert to his gripes about his tools will offer hints to his tool wish list. Many handymen are secretive about what they want because they do not want their significant other buying tools for them (much the same as many girls do not want their guys buying clothes for them). They don’t want to be stuck with inferior tools in fear of hurt feelings.

For those still not convinced and feel that a practical gift for the handyman is gauche and not particularly "gifty" and would be similar to giving your mother a vacuum cleaner on Mother’s Day... Remember this: A Man's Home is his Castle! Odds are that he derives great pleasure from being known as the family's handyman. If that's the case, why not make it easier for him?

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