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Gardening can be such a rewarding and relaxing hobby. A time for a person to bond with Mother Nature and create a lovely landscape or a bountiful harvest. Getting started could be as simple as potting some plants or flowers and placing them outside your door. Taking care of flowers and plants, vegetables and herbs, can be a relaxing a quiet experience for one, or a time for a family to work together as a team and create. Growing your own fruits and vegetable not only saves money but can also be healthier for your diet.

Do you have a green thumb in the family? Do they live to dig their hands into potting soil or fertilizer? Well, we have plenty of gift ideas for gardeners!

Gift Giving to Gardeners

  • sells a variety of plant and flower seeds from Azaleas to Zinnias! The website features many specials and sales. For example, an Oriental Chain Fern is for sale for $9.95, a savings of $5.00! The website also has gift certificates and a dollar seed sale.
  • Do you have a “budding” green thumb who needs a jump start on their gardening? Bluestone Perennials sells an assortment of bulbs, shrubs, grasses, and vines to get them going. The plants are shipped directly from their nursery.
  • has a multitude of garden gifts. Garden supplies such as shoes, aprons, and even lawn aeration sandals! These handy sandals make the mundane activity of poking holes in the turf a quick and easy process!
  • Gardenopoly is a great game for a gardener. Players buy garden items instead of streets, and clay pots and greenhouses instead of houses and hotels. This game will provide hours of fun for your green thumb! Price is $31.95.
  • sells plenty of gifts with the gardener in mind. The Tree Faces are a whimsical gift a gardener will truly love! This popular decorative item has many expressions, whether it's a smile, frown or a laugh! It's easy to install and made from a high-quality resin, so the faces can be enjoyed for years to come!
  • You can put together a gift basket with gardening supplies, live plants, seeds and other gardening related products. This is a great DIY gift idea that you can tailor to the recipients taste and preferences for growing in their garden. A Fresh Herb Gift Basket is just one example of the type of gift basket that can be created.

Membership to a Plant Society

Have your green thumb meet with other green thumbs! There are plenty of plant societies nationwide including:

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