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“Beer is God's way of telling us that He loves us and wants us to be happy." Benjamin Franklin.

What is Beer?

Beer is the world's oldest alcoholic beverage. There are many production methods and traditions for beer.[1] It is produced by the fermentation of sugars derived from starch-based material. Malted barley is the most common main ingredient, however, wheat, corn, and rice are also used.

The type of yeast and production method used to create beer divides it into the styles of ale, lager and spontaneously fermented beers.

The Culture of Beer

Many activities are associated with the beer lover and their beer consumption, such as playing cards, darts, cookouts and attending sporting events or just watching, like the annual Super Bowl party, or 4th of July picnic, even a casual Academy Awards Party. In fact, the amount of beer consumed on Super Bowl Sunday has rivaled Saint Patrick's Day as the most traditional day to drink. And, of course, college football tailgating parties and NASCAR fans are renowned for the amount of beer consumed.

Oktoberfest is one of the most famous German celebrations of beer. It started in Germany and spread around the world. A special beer is brewed for the festival that is slightly stronger and darker than the standard beer.


The Czech Republic is renowned as having "the best beer in the world." In fact, the Czechs are so proud of their beer that they never drink beer from a tin, while in Ireland, refusing a beer can be perceived as an insult.

Pairing Food and Beer

Many foods are traditionally eaten with beer, such as pizza, chili, buffalo wings, Southwestern favorites such as nachos, cheese and crackers with spicy mustard, and other bar or pub types of food.

Beer should be paired with food of similar strength so as not to overwhelm the palate. Light colored beer works better with light food such as chicken, salads, fish and mild cheese. Strong dark beer pairs well with steak, game, spicy food, barbecue and aged cheese. Some people even pair beer with dessert![2]


When to Bring Beer

Whenever you bring beer to a gathering you should either present it as a gift to the Host or Hostess or be prepared to share with others. This may include trading your favorite beer with someone else so that you both can enjoy a new flavor or style.

If you want to give the hostess something that will last after the beer has been consumed, you may want to include a little something extra with your gift. A bottle opener or a beer cookbook is an appropriate gift to pair with the gift of beer.

With today’s casual lifestyles, bringing a six pack of specialty beer to a gathering is almost on par with bringing a bottle of wine, providing the social event is on the casual side. With the popularity of beer on the rise, the varieties of specialty beers are almost equal to the vast choices of wine.

In Australia, beer is often given as a small bonus or tip for trades people.

Belgium produces over 450 different varieties of beer, many with personalized beer glasses in which that beer, and only that beer, may be served.[3]

Gifts for Beer Lovers

If there is a beer lover on your gift list, then it’s a "no-brainer." If there is one thing that a beer lover can’t get enough of, it’s beer. You can rest assured that he/she will always be thrilled with the gift of beer! And, you no longer have to be in person in order to buy him or her a beer, you can do it online with sites like Or, if you want to give a beer more on the unique side and aren't sure which ones are good, try where they let the community of beer lovers rate the ones they like the best.

Beer itself makes a great gift for the beer lover, but you should be aware of the recipient's tastes. If your recipient is from a country or area known for their outstanding beer, you may want to consider a beer-themed accessory instead.


  • Bottle Opener – Some higher end or foreign beer does not have a screw top. Best to be prepared. Personalized bottle openers are available with college or pro team logos.
  • Home Brew – Nothing beats the taste of home brewed beer. This is a an especially meaningful gift as the recipient will appreciate the effort you went through to create it.
  • The Ultimate Gift – A Kegerator is a small portable refrigerator with a beer tap built in to the top. You can purchase adapter kits to build your own or buy one ready to go.
  • Beer Vessels and Special Glassware – There are more types of barware available for beer than the typical beer mug. As with wine, different types of beer have different styles of glasses[4]. Wheat beer glasses are tall and slender. A pint glass is the classic British pub glass, used for serving stouts, porters and English ales. Other types of glasses are Pilsner, Beer Stein, Flute, Goblet or Chalice, Snifter, Tulip Glass, Stange and Becher.
Beer and Glasses

How to Properly Pour Different Beers

There are proper pouring techniques associated with the different styles of beer their proper glassware. For a video lesson, click here:

How to Properly Pour a Beer

Beer lovers can talk for hours about how their favorite brew[5]. It is no wonder that beer, the most famous thirst quencher of all time, is associated with friends, laughter and good times. Cheers!

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