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You want to give a gag gift. Sometimes the hardest part is coming up with a good idea. Successful gag gifts require a lot of thought. The gift must relate to the recipient in such a way that the recipient, as well as the other attendees, will immediately recognize the prank and it’s relevance to the receiver. When this happens, you are assured of a good laugh.


Kids prefer pranks for gag gifts. Whoopee cushions, things that shock, fake vomit and poop, and rubber snakes have provided laughter down through the generations. Boys particularly like pranks on the gross side. “The Booger Keeper” is an all-time favorite. Rubber cement is dabbed on a surface and rolled around until it resembles a booger. Then it is placed in a box lined with paper to be given as a special place to keep boogers.

So where do you go to find these gag gift ideas? There are retail and online stores that specialize in gag gifts and offer a wide variety of pranks. The internet is a great source for ideas and shopping for gag gifts. People respond to articles, blogs and competitions to share their successful gag gift ideas.


Here are some of the more notable gag gift ideas found online:

  • Guaranteed Bug Killer - Place two blocks of wood in a box, one labeled ‘Block A’ and one labeled ‘Block B’. Attach a note with instructions that read, “Place bug on Block A and smash with Block B.” This is fun for someone with a fear of bugs or in the pest control business.
  • Home Exerciser - The home exerciser is a simple block of wood - great for the work-out nut. Attach a note with these instructions: "Place in middle of the floor. Walk around it two times. Rest. Congratulations, you just walked around the block two times."
  • The Yard Stick - A stick found in your yard with the notation attached, “This is a yard stick. It was found in my yard.”
  • Gift Not Included - For the person who always manages to give the best gift, place two AA batteries in a box with a note saying, "Gift not included.”
  • Straw Hat - For someone who never follows directions, put some straw in a box with a note that reads "Straw Hat - Some Assembly Required."
  • Expert Puzzle - For the person who can do anything, place sawdust in a small zip lock bag labeled, "Expert Jigsaw Puzzle."
  • Magic Weight Loss Beans - For those chronic dieters, place dry beans in a baggie. Attach a note that says, “Remove beans from bag. Throw them on the floor. Bend down and pick up each bean. Repeat hourly as needed.”
  • Hillbilly Flashlight – For the outdoor enthusiast, attach one wooden kitchen match to the end of a block of wood.
  • Unfinished Furniture - For a humorous House Warming gift, give a big box labeled, "Unfinished Furniture". Inside the box, include a branch, leaves and all!
  • Beer Launcher - For the geeky, this is a modified refrigerator that actually launches a cold beer across the room to your favorite couch potato.
  • The Marriage Counselor - A slot machine style game that is a reminder of things to do that are sure to keep the spark in a marriage. Fun for a wedding gag gift or for Newlyweds.

Office Gag Gift Ideas


Gag gifts are common for Bosses Day, white elephant parties and other office gifts. The fun is shared by all in the office, not just the recipient. And, the laughter can lighten the office atmosphere proving much needed stress relief.

  • Stress Relief Capsules - Roll Bubble Wrap and tie with a ribbon attaching a tag that reads, “ Pop one sheet of stress relieving capsules every 4-6 hours or as needed.”
  • Lost Marbles - For the frustrated co-worker, place marbles in a baggie with a note saying, “Just when you think you've lost them all, pull out my gift, and you will find you haven't lost them all!”
  • Jar of Treats - For the Moocher, a jar of treats with the top cemented on.
  • Basket of Fruit - For the health nut, give a basket of wax fruit.
  • A Donkey Cigarette Dispenser - Humor for your favorite smoker.
  • Backwards Clock - For the co-worker who is always late.

Christmas and Birthday Gag Gift Ideas

  • Short on Dough - Attach a bow to a roll of cookie dough with this note: "We thought this would come in handy since everyone's a little short on dough around Christmas time."
  • Reindeer Poop - One of the more popular Christmas gag gifts; Partially fill a small bag with raisinettes candies.
  • Bag of Dirt - For someone turning 40, 50, or 60 to let them know how important they are to you.
  • Old age Hats and T-Shirts - These can be personalized for gentle birthday fun.
  • Placebos - For Over the Hill birthday pranks, Viagra placebos are always a hit.

Political Gag Gifts

Presidents and Political Candidates are often found on gag gifts along with political satire. Anything goes during an election year. Presenting one of these off-color innuendos to someone of the opposite Political Party is a fun way to get your viewpoint across.

Some of the more successful pranks are those created with everyday items found around the house. These can be the most humorous gag gift ideas as well as the least expensive. Often a gag gift is bought impulsively when something funny jumps out at you and reminds you of someone. It could be anything from a coffee mug with a humorous saying to an exploding golf ball reminding you of your favorite golfer. Remember, there doesn't have to be an occasion to present someone with a gag gift.

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