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Have you ever asked yourself the question, “How gifty am I?” You may be surprised to find out that you are not as gifty as you thought. Most of the time, this question doesn't occur to us unless we find out that our latest gift was included in the first load to the local charity, sold on eBay, or even more humiliating - re-gifted.

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Gift Giving is a Part of Life

If you want to give a gift that you feel good about and will light up your recipient's face, then it may be time to sharpen your gift giving skills. Not creative? Well, never fear - giftyness is not a gene you are born with - it is a conscious effort to find that special someone a gift that they will love.

First, take this quiz and see how you rate. For those scoring lower than anticipated, don't despair - it may not be your fault. With the convenience of gift cards, over-night shipping and gift registries, our gift giving skills have been weakened. This is evident in the rising popularity of re-gifting. But the reality is, finding that special gift for someone is not always easy - it requires a little time and effort.

Test Your Giftyness

1. When an occasion arises that requires you to shop for a gift, your first reaction is...

A. Roll your eyes
B. No reaction
C. Immediately start thinking about how to save money on the gift
D. Immediately start thinking about the person you will be buying the gift for

2. You typically choose gifts...

A. That you would like to receive
B. That are generic, like a gift card so the recipient can get what they want
C. That are within your budget
D. That are geared towards the recipient's interests

3. You should only give gifts for special occasions like Birthdays or Christmas...

A. Because it is expected
B. Are there other reasons to give gifts?
C. You would also give gifts to someone if they were sick or retiring
D. You don't need a particular reason to give a gift

4. You typically begin your Christmas shopping...

A. On Christmas Eve
B. 2 weeks before
C. 3 months before
D. All year long

5. Typically your idea of giftwrap is...

A. Not necessary - the gift speaks for itself
B. Placing the gift in a gift bag
C. A themed wrapping paper with bows and ribbons
D. Consider the wrapping as part of the gift

6. When you absolutely have no idea what to buy for someone...

A. You avoid the person until the occasion has passed
B. Give money or a gift card
C. Buy something and put the receipt in the box so they can return it
D. Ask a relative or close friend of the recipient for advice


A answers score 0 points, B answers score 5 points, C answers score 10 points and D answers score 20 points. Add them up for your total score.

120 points - You rule when it comes to giftyness! You bring joy and excitement to each recipient of your gifts. Share your gift giving skills and tricks of the gift giving trade with others by contributing to Giftypedia.

119 - 60 points - You have gifty traits. With just a few adjustments to your gift giving strategies, you will master the art of giftyness. The Everyday is a Holiday section of Giftypedia is a good resource. Also, check out Creative Gift Wrap Ideas.

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59 – 25 points - You give gifts because you know it is the right thing to do, but to you, it is a chore. Enlist the assistance of a gifty friend or gift finding service. Also, check out tips from Giftypedia articles like, When you Should Give a Gift and How to Avoid Controversial or Inappropriate Gifts.

24 – 0 points - You are a "giftaphobic." You don't enjoy giving gifts, much less put any thought into the gifts you give, if you give gifts at all. Understand that you can acquire gift giving skills with just a little effort. Instead of enrolling in the nearest Giftaphobic Support Group, resources like Giftypedia will help you overcome your fear.

3 Basic Tips for Gift Giving

1. Planning
Start early – procrastination is your worst enemy. Guys, listen up! A last minute gift can be interpreted as unimportant. You should never chance a last minute gift when building a relationship.

2. Research
Do your homework - know your recipient. Consider their interests and their style. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that just because you like it – they will like it. Friendship doesn't guarantee you have the same taste.

3. Presentation
Yes, presentation is key. Treat the gift wrap as part of the gift - the culmination of your efforts. It will be noticed!

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