Lily of the Valley

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Lily of the Valley

The Lily of the Valley is the flower of May, and is considered the floral symbol for the 2nd Anniversary of marriage.

About the Flower

Flower Meaning: Humility

Botanical name of Convallaria magalis. Originated in Europe. Today it is distributed widely throughout North America and North Asia, but in England it is still found as commonly as wild flowers. It is a small, bell shaped flower that gives off a large scent that attracts not only people, but bee's who like to collect the pollen that the flower produces.

The flowers are normally white, although occasionally you can find some with a pink hue to them. The flower first grows in the spring and creates six little stamens. By September the flower is producing sweet berries in place of the petals that are about 5-7mm in diameter.

The Lily of the Valley has some medicinal qualities to it. For many years the leaves and petals have been used in medicine because they contain cardiac glycosides.

Fun and Interesting Facts

The Lily of the Valley is also knows as Our Lady's tears because according to the legend the tears that that Mary shed at the cross turned in to Lily of the Valley flowers. Another legend claims that the flower also sprang up from the blood of St. Leonard during his battle with the dragon.

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