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The Tulip is considered the floral symbol for the 11th Anniversary of marriage.

Flower Meaning: Perfect Love, Elegance and Grace

About the Flower

Botanically known as the Tulipa, the bright and cheery Tulip is originally native to Southern Europe, North Africa and Asia. It is believed to have been introduced to Europe through a 16th century Austrian monarch serving as an ambassador under King Ferdinand I to a Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

This perennial favorite stems from a bulb, and grows best in climates with long, cool springs and early summers.

Fun and Interesting Facts

While the Tulip is commonly associated with Holland, both the flower and its name (which can be traced to the Persian word for "turban") originated in the Persian empire.

The red tulip is used as a symbol for Parkinson's Disease awareness.

Color Meaning of Tulips

Color Meaning
Red True Love
Purple Symbolizes Royalty
Yellow Hopeless Love, Cheerful thoughts and sunshine
White Claim worthiness, message of forgiveness
Variegated colors Represent beautiful eyes

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