Bird of Paradise

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Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is considered the floral symbol for the 9th Anniversary of marriage.

Flower Meaning: Magnificence and Splendor

About the Flower

The exotic Bird of Paradise is a perennial plant native to South Africa. It holds the botanical name, Strelitzia, after the birthplace of the United Kingdom's Queen Charlotte. The flower's common name was given because of it's striking resemblance to the birds of paradise found throughout Indonesia, eastern Australia and Papua New Guinea. In South Africa the flower is more commonly known as the "crane flower". Because the Bird of Paradise does exceptionally well in warm weather, it can often be found in the U.S. in Hawaii and Southern California.

Fun and Interesting Facts

The Bird of Paradise flower is pollinated by sunbirds, a relative of the hummingbird. As they perch, the weight of these little birds opens the flower and releases the pollen onto their feet. When the birds travel to the next flower, the pollen is deposited.

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