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January 1st
January 6th
  • Epiphany (Heilige Drei Könige)
February 14th
February 15th (Monday before Carnival)
  • Carnival Monday
February 16th (varies)
February 17th (varies, start of Lent)
  • Ash Wednesday (Aschermittwoch)
April 2nd (Friday before Easter)
  • Good Friday (Karfreitag)
April 4th (varies)
April 5th (Monday after Easter)
  • Easter Monday (Ostermontag)
May 1st (May Day)
May 9th (Second Sunday in May)
May 13th (varies)
  • Ascension Day (Christi Himmelfahrt)
May 13th (On Ascension Day)
May 23rd (7th Sunday after Easter; Pentecost)
  • Whit Sunday
May 24th (Monday after Whit Sunday)
  • Whit Monday (Pfingstmontag)
June 3rd
  • Corpus Christi Day (Fronleichnam)
June 27th
  • St. Swithin’s Day
August 15th (40 days after Easter)
  • Assumption Day (Maria Himmelfahrt)
October 3rd
  • Day of German Unity (Tag der Deutschen Einheit)
October 3rd (First Sunday in October)
October 31st
  • Reformation Day (Reformationstag)
October 31st
November 1st
  • All Saints Day (Allerheiligen)
November 11th
  • Martinmas
November 14th (Sunday 2 weeks prior to 1st Advent Sunday)
  • German Veteran's Day Observance (Volkstrauertag)
November 17th (Wed. 11 days prior to 1st Advent Sunday)
  • Repentence Day (Buß- und Bettag)
November 21st (Sunday prior to the 1st Advent Sunday)
  • Mourning Sunday (Totensonntag)
November 28th (varies)
  • First Advent
December 5th (varies)
  • Second Advent
December 12th (varies)
  • Third Advent
December 19th (varies)
  • Fourth Advent
December 24th
  • Christmas Eve (Heiligabend)
December 25th
December 26th
  • 2nd Christmas Day (2. Weihnachtstag)
December 31
  • New Year's Eve (Silvester)

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