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aka; Chili Head, Chilihead, Chilehead, Hot Head, Asbestos Mouth, etc.

[edit] What is a Chile Head?

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Chile Head - Someone that loves hot peppers, especially those of the genus capiscum, and products produced from peppers, including hot sauce, hot chili, hot peppers; you get the idea.

Some Chile Heads go for flavor while others go for heat. The latter group are lovers of Dave's Insanity Sauce and Blair's Death Sauce.

For the latest in "hot" topics, the devout Chile Head seeks the wisdom of the attendees of Zest Fest 2008.

Chili Heads are friendly folks that like to share their experiences and experiments. They share photos of their chile gardens, recipes, and exchange zesty homemade goodies.

[edit] Chile or Chili?

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Chili contest sign.jpg

Spelling is important. "Chile" is the pepper, "chili" is the dish. However, there are claims that these are interchangeable.

Chile Heads vie for the tastiest and hottest chili recipe. A Chili Cookoff is a popular occasion that can take place within a company, backyard tailgate party, or public event. They are very popular as a type of fundraiser.

Hot Wings[1] or Buffalo Wings are often the first food to introduce true heat and flavor to a future Chile Head. An advanced Chile Head will only order hot wings if they are prefaced with the words Inferno, Volcano, 3 Mile Island, DefCon 1 or Nuclear.

[edit] Gifts for Chile Heads

[edit] Kitchen Gadgets

Chile Heads like to create their own concoctions. They are always playing with new peppers and new recipes.

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Blank Cookbook so they can write down their creations.
Mortar and Pestle to mash up chiles with other spices.
Coffee Grinder dedicated to spices, herbs and dried chiles.
Bottles and Jars for their sauces and salsas.
Personalized Labels for their special blends.
Latex Gloves for safe chile handling.

[edit] Gardening Gifts

Some advanced Chile Heads feel the need to create with the rare breeds of chiles. For this, one must develop a green thumb and acquire seeds.


Seed Starting Kits for an early start to those rare and tropical varieties of pepper.
Grow Lights to get those plants off to a good start. It's best to start small to test that green thumb potential and determination.
Chile Pepper Seeds from a reputable source such as Seeds of Change and Pepper Joe's.
Herb Plants and Seeds to get the authentic taste of the cuisine du jour. Thai cooking calls for Thai basil and lemongrass; Hunan and Szechwan/Szechuan/Sichuan recipes call for coriander; while Mexican recipes need cilantro or epazote for that regional flavor.

[edit] Apparel, Accessories and Misc.

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Chile themed t-shirt[2], hat, apron, light switch plate, night light, Christmas ornament,
posters and wall art, coasters; the list is infinite, especially if you include general
Southwestern themed gift ideas.
Monopoly: ChileHeads Edition[3] - For some fiery competition, order this game!
Hot Sauce of the Month Club subscription. Do this for a friend or give one to yourself. You deserve it!

[edit] Fiery Food Gifts

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Note: Some of the titles of hot sauces and condiments have comical names that occasionally use what some would consider rude language. We've kept this segment clean for the kiddies.

  • For the tailgater, griller or sports fan, get a barbecue or salsa combo with his favorite team's logo with the Party Pack.
  • The latest trend in fiery food has moved into the dessert realm. For fine chocolates with a bold kick, take a look at Cowgirl Chocolates.

[edit] You Know You're a Chile Head If...

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  1. You don't have to worry about your roommates stealing your food.
  2. Your toilet paper spontaneously combusts after use.
  3. Your kitchen utensils were designed and built by NASA.
  4. Your pepper garden is visible from the Moon.
  5. You use capsaicin-based pain ointment as a food additive.
  6. More than half of the souvenirs from that last vacation were hot sauces and spices.
  7. You can correctly spell and pronounce chipotle and capsicum, and you know to which food group they belong.
  8. You know the definitions of Hunan Hand and Chile Willy, and now use gloves to avoid them.
  9. You can quote ranges from the Scoville Scale.

List was originally from the Chileheads Mailing List by way of Mark's Place.

[edit] References

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