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Flag of Australia.jpg

Flag of Australia

Capital: Canberra

Languages: English

Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)

Drive on which side? Left

Nickname for Country: Oz

Nickname for Citizen: Ozzie, Aussie

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Australia is an island between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is slightly smaller than the contiguous 48 US states. It is located in the Southern Hemisphere – winter/summer are reversed, making it a great vacation spot for refugees from the cold Northern Hemisphere winters.

Australia is located on the world's smallest continent, Oceania.

Australia is a federation composed of 6 states and 2 territories. It is part of the Commonwealth and the head of state is the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, represented by the Governor General. This system has significant consequences in the business world: each State or Territory is run differently and has its own parliament and jurisdictions. [1]

[edit] Australian Society & Culture

Australia is a prosperous multicultural country.

Sport plays an important part in Australian culture, with a climate that favors outdoor activities.

Australians are very down to earth with self-deprecating sense of humor. Aussies often use colorful language that would be unthinkable in other countries.

Popular sports in Australia are Australian rules football, horse racing, motorsports, rugby, cricket, association football, swimming, surfing, tennis, and golf.

[edit] Eco-friendly Gift Giving in Australia

Australians have embraced the green movement of recycled and eco-friendly products.

Small "eco gifts" from your home country such as reusable shopping bags; recycled paper gift cards, stationery or calendars; natural fiber wallet or coin purse.

[edit] Personal Gift Giving Etiquette

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  • If invited to someone's home for dinner, it is polite to bring a box of chocolates or flowers to the host/hostess. A good quality bottle of wine is always appreciated.
  • Gifts are opened when received.
  • Gift Certificates and Gift Cards are called Gift Vouchers.
  • Gift Baskets in Australia are referred to as Gift Hampers.

[edit] Business Etiquette

Australians are not very formal so greetings are casual and relaxed. Aussies prefer to use first names, even at the initial meeting.

Business cards are exchanged at the initial introduction without any formal ritual. If you are not given a business card, it is not an insult; the person simply may not have one. A handshake and smile is all that is necessary.

Business dress is conservative in Melbourne and Sydney. Men should wear a dark colored, conservative business suit. Women should wear a dress or a business suit.

In Australia, the first floor of a building is the first floor up from the ground floor. To avoid confusion, use the term "level" instead of "floor" when discussing meeting arrangements.

[edit] Business Gift Giving Guidelines

  • Business gift giving in Australia is rarely expected but is considered a pleasant gesture. Gifts related to the person's business or hobbies are appropriate.
  • Gifts unique to a particular region of your home country are appreciated.
  • Avoid gifts that will be perceived as a bribe.


Locals do not tip.

Tipping in Australia is a relatively new practice, brought in by other societies, especially Americans.

In popular tourist areas in Sydney or Melbourne and upscale restaurants, tipping might be expected. When in doubt, leave a small gratuity.

Along with a small amount of cash or a bottle of wine, beer is sometimes given as a tip to trade-people. Australians are well-know as beer lovers[2].

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