Beer Can Appreciation Day

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When Celebrated

Always on January 24th


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About the Holiday

Beer Can Appreciation Day is a day to honor a beverage, and the container, that has grown in popularity worldwide, and is believed to date back to the prehistoric era. Beer Can Appreciation Day commemorates the day beer began being offered in a can -- January 24th, 1935 when the Gottfried Krueger Brewing company first offered it's Krueger's Finest Beer in a can.

Beer has long received a bad name as not being healthy, as many of the people that pay homage to the beer sport a beer belly (i.e. Homer Simpson). Beer does have many health benefits such as, being fat-free, cholesterol free, helping to aid in sleep, improves blood circulation, and even stronger bones. Beer can be a healthy part of your diet, but only in moderation. So celebrate this day by popping the top of your favorite "brewskie", and join in the celebration.

Gift Guidelines

  • A collectible beer can
  • Collectible beer signs, mirror, trays, tip trays and other memorabilia
  • Beer cookbook
  • Beer of the Month Club Membership
  • Brew your own Beer Kit
  • Beer Mugs

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