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In The Beginning…

The year was 1967. Through a contest then known as the AFL-NFL World Championship, the Super Bowl was born. It was decided by the heads of the leagues to hold a yearly bowl game in order to give the fans one last fix after the regular season. Almost 62,000 fans were on hand to see Super Bowl I, which took place January 15, 1967, at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-10, marking the beginning of the most celebrated sporting event ever on American soil.

Why so Super?

Who hasn’t attended a Super Bowl party? The Super Bowl has the power to call everyone to the couch, even those who don’t particularly enjoy football. The atmosphere is contagious, sides are chosen and emotions emerge complete with cheering and chest-bumping. And, in no other sporting event is attention to the halftime show and watching the commercials as much a part of the game as the game itself. There is something for everyone, and everyone wants to be a part of the festivities.

Surprisingly to some, Super Bowl Sunday is not a national holiday although it has become a part of the American calendar. At least 45% of the nation tunes in, not to mention the parties and gatherings at the local sports bars and pubs. On average, 80 to 90 million Americans are tuned in to the Super Bowl at any given moment. It is said that even criminals take the day off!

Like Christmas, the Super Bowl is a season - the 14 days begin after the conference championships. The media is saturated with predictions, blogs, and pick’ems. Even retailers target the season, especially for big screen TV sales. After all, only one team will hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy and proclaim, “I’m going to Disney World!”

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History of the Super Bowl

In professional American football, the Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League (NFL).[1]

This tradition all started on January 15th, 1967, when the Green Bay Packers faced the Kansas City Chiefs in Los Angeles. Lamar Hunt, the coach of the Chiefs, is often credited as the originator of the Super Bowl name, which he said was inspired by the super ball. However, evidence exists that even though Hunt may have been responsible for popularizing the term, that in actuality the term Super Bowl was used previously in the media.[2] In 1970, the tickets to the game began to read Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl uses Roman numerals to identify each game, rather than the year it was held. For example, Super Bowl XLII, played in February 2008, was actually part of the 2007 season.

There have been several teams that have dominated the game at times: The Green Bay Packers were early champions in the 1960's, the Miami Dolphins and Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970's, the San Francisco 49ers in the 1980's, and the Dallas Cowboys became the dominant team in the NFL in the early 1990s. The New England Patriots became the dominant team of the early 2000's.[3]

This annual game supports elaborate pre-game and half-time shows rivaling the best in concerts featuring famous musical artists and celebrities. The commercials have become an important part of the festivities. Respect is given to the teams and the trophy in honor of Vince Lombardi. Nationwide, parties are thrown, money is pooled, and fun is at an all time high! That's what it's all about.

Gifts for the Super Bowl

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It goes without saying that tickets are the ultimate in Super Bowl gifts. However, if you are not one of the "chosen ones," and in need of a host or hostess gift for a Super Bowl party, here are some suggestions:

  • Team logo apparel to show your team spirit.
  • Food. Lots of food. Anything that can be snacked on or thrown on the grill. Any type of food that pairs with beer.
  • Beer- that goes without saying.
  • Coolers to hold the beer and food for the grill.
  • Tailgating supplies - paper goods, glasses, drink holders called "koozies" or "huggers", beverage tubs, lawn chairs, and grilling accessories for the tailgating fanatic.
  • Games for pre-game entertainment, both inside and outside games.
  • Stadium supplies. Remember, the Super Bowl takes place during the winter, so anything that will make those cold, hard seats more comfortable is good. Stadium cushions (some are heated), stadium blankets, a warm scarf (with team logo, of course), or something to keep a beverage warm.
  • Portable grill - did we mention grilling?

Dieters Beware!

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Are you headed to a Super Bowl Bash? If so, know that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the largest calorie fests of the year, second only to Thanksgiving Day. According to, "The average football fan eats about a day’s worth of calories during the game’s four quarters, and the U.S. Calorie Control Council estimates that Americans pack away 11 million pounds of chips by the time the clock runs out."[4]

Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl has always been played on a Sunday, hence the name, "Super Bowl Sunday." Originally, it was played on the last Sunday in January. It wasn't until the Super Bowl of 2002, that the date was pushed back to February. It is scheduled to be held the first Sunday in February for at least the next few years. And, just for those who like to plan ahead...the schedule for the next few years:

February 3, 2013 - Louisiana Superdown in New Orleans, Louisiana
February 2, 2014 - The New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey
February 1, 2015 - University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Super Bowl Sunday is celebrated nationwide - it's football, it's competition, it's party-time, it's "a man day."

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