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  • Type of Game: Baby Shower Game

Match the celebrity parents with their baby's name. Put the letter of the celebrity parents name in the space following the baby name.

The guests are then given a few minutes to fill in the blanks, the person with the most correct answers is the winner!

Simply open up the PDF and send it to your computer's printer for printable Celebrity Baby Names Game Cards.

Pdf icon.png Celebrity Baby Names Game Card
Pdf icon.png Celebrity Baby Names Answer Key

Baby Name Celebrity Parents
1. Homer James Jigme ___ A. Jessica Alba & Cash Warren
2. Nahla Ariela ___ B. Bono & Alison Hewson
3. Sunday Rose ___ C. Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness
4. Honor Marie ___ D. Nicholas Cage & Alice Kim
5. Moxie Crimefighter ___ E. Shooter Jennings & Drea de Matteo
6. Pilot Inspecktor ___ F. Jermaine Jackson
7. Kal-el Coppola ___ G. Courtney Cox & David Arquette
8. Kyd Miller ___ H. Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis
9. Memphis Eve ___ I. Richard Gere & Carey Lowell
10. Hopper Jack ___ J. Téa Leoni & David Duchovny
11. Jermajesty ___ K. Anthony Kiedis & Heather Christie
12. Sage Moonblood ___ L. Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban
13. Oscar Maximillian ___ M. Paul Walker
14. Petal Blossom Rainbow ___ N. Sylvester Stallone & Sasha Czack
15. Alabama Gypsy Rose ___ O. Penn Jillette & Emily Zolten
16. Coco Riley ___ P. Tobey Maguire & Jennifer Meyer
17. Everly Bear ___ Q. Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry
18. Meadow Rain ___ R. Sean Penn & Robin Wright Penn
19. Lily-Rose Melody ___ S. Jamie Oliver & Juliette Norton
20. Ruby Sweetheart ___ T. Jason Lee & Beth Riesgraf



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