Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Game

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  • Type of Game: Baby Shower Game

Each guest has a game sheet with phrases that are rewordings of common nursery rhyme titles. They have three minutes to identify all of the nursery rhymes from the clues. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Simply open up the PDF and send it to your computer's printer for printable Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Game sheets.

Pdf icon.png Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Game Sheet
Pdf icon.png Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Answers

Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Clues
1. Clumsy kids on an errand to the well.
2. Irreparable broken egg.
3. Small seated girl who is scared of insects.
4. Young forgetful shepherd girl.
5. Hungry singing boy.
6. Tired shepherd boy with trumpet.
7. Male trio who bathed together.
8. Small boy who eats his pies with his hands.
9. Triplet felines who can't keep track of their clothing.
10. Maternal game bird.
11. Elderly woman with hungry dog and empty cabinets.
12. Elderly woman with unique living quarters.
13. Cheap, freshly baked pastries.
14. Musical feline and dancing dishes.
15. Swift boy who leaps over flames.


Nursery Rhyme Rhetoric Answers
1. Jack and Jill
2. Humpty Dumpty
3. Little Miss Muffett
4. Little Bo Peep
5. Tommy Tucker
6. Little Boy Blue
7. Three Men in a Tub
8. Little Jack Horner
9. Three Little Kittens
10. Mother Goose
11. Old Mother Hubbard
12. Old Woman in a Shoe
13. Hot Cross Buns
14. The Cat and the Fiddle
15. Jack Be Nimble



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