How to Spoil a Child

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  • Type of Game: Baby Shower Game

Below are the two people that are typically responsible for spoiling a child. The object of the game is to write a word or phrase that represents something to spoil a child. Each word or phrase must begin with a consecutive letter in the words Mother and Father. The mother-to-be will choose the funniest entry and that guest receives a prize.

Pdf icon.png How to Spoil a Child


Never Make him mind
Never Order him to behave
Always Feed him treats
Always Agree with all his requests

Never/Always Word or Phrase
1. Never M
2. Never O
3. Never T
4. Never H
5. Never E
6. Never R
1. Always F
2. Always A
3. Always T
4. Always H
5. Always E
6. Always R



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