Baby Stroller Nascar Race

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  • Type of Game: Baby Shower Game

This game would require being played outside. You will need a baby stroller and a baby doll. The host would set up a "race course" for the participants to navigate. Using a hose, cones, yard decorations, trees, etc. layout a course that is large enough for a baby stroller to be pushed through. You can make the course as long or short as wanted and having curves and u-turns makes it even more exciting.

Participants are timed as they navigate the course pushing the baby stroller with the baby doll inside. Points should be deducted for running off course, loosing control of the baby stroller, throwing the baby from the stroller, etc. You can be as strict as you like. The winner is the guest who completes the course with the quickest time with stroller and baby still inside.

This is also an excellent Jack and Jill baby shower game. Men enjoy the competition.



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