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  • Type of Game: Bridal Shower Game
  • The Famous Couples Game is great to play during a Couples Bridal Shower

Match these famous people - both fictional and real - to their famous partner! Put the letter of the woman's name in the space following her man. Simply open up the PDF and send it to your computer's printer for printable Famous Couples Game Cards.

Pdf icon.png Famous Couples Game Card
Pdf icon.png Famous Couples Game Card With Answers

Man Woman
1.Ozzie___ A. Princess Leia
2.John ___ B. Delilah
3.Adam ___ C. Britney
4.Dagwood ___ D. Jane
5.Fred ___ E. Olive Oyl
6.Antony ___ F. Minnie
7.Harry ___ G. Cher
8.Han Solo ___ H. Harriet
9.Homer ___ I. Scarlett
10.Samson ___ J. Blondie
11.Gomez ___ K. Marge
12.Sonny ___ L. Angelina
13.Popeye ___ M. Priscilla
14.Romeo ___ N. Wilma
15.K-Fed___ O. Guinevere
16.Brad ___ P. Yoko
17.Tarzan ___ Q. Michelle
18.Ken ___ R. Bonnie
19.Rhett ___ S. Cleopatra
20.Ricky ___ T. Lois Lane
21.Elvis ___ U. Lucy
22.Lancelot ___ V. Sally
23.Barack ___ W. Eve
24.Clyde ___ X. Barbie
25.Clark Kent ___ Y. Juliet
26.Micky ___ Z. Morticia



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