Feed the Baby

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  • Type of Game: Baby Shower Game

This is a great game to play at a couples baby shower. Have guests pair up and decide who is the "baby" and who is the "mom." The mom is then given a baby spoon and a jar of baby food. She must feed the baby food to the baby. The mom who "feeds" her baby the fastest wins.

Game Variations

  • Tie the "mom's" hands behind her back so she will have to feed the "baby" with the spoon in her mouth.
  • Blindfold the "moms" so they will have a more realistic appreciation for what it takes to feed an uncooperative "baby".
  • The "mom" stands behind the "baby", and then uses her hands to feed the "baby" blindfolded from behind the "baby".
  • Line up all the guys in chairs. Place blindfolds on the "babies" and have the "moms" feed them the baby food. Ask the "babies" to identify what they're eating. Whoever gets the most correct wins.



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